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Here’s our weekly roundup:

As we gear up for the upcoming festive season, our newsletter is taking a little holiday break. We’ll be back with more exciting news and updates on January 11, 2024. 

Before we move on, here’s a quick update on the Women’s Taxi rides we talked about on November 30. The city has decided to increase the vouchers from €5 to €10.

Plus, many of you asked for Citizenship laws, news, and processes. While we’ll keep you updated with the news, you can join this group if you’re going through the citizenship process.

3 bits of news

The Railway Union votes for open-ended strikes

This is a view from a platform in the Cologne Central Train Station in Cologne, Germany.

Photo by Jillian Amatt on Unsplash

Our train journeys might soon be getting a little more complicated. The members of a union representing German train drivers have voted for open-ended strikes.

This move comes after a long-standing dispute over working hours and pay with Deutsche Bahn, the main national railway operator. 

So, what does this mean for us?

Well, for starters, if you're a regular on the Munich-Hamburg route or any other regional services, brace yourself for potential disruptions. These strikes, planned to start after January 8, could lead to a much-reduced schedule for long-distance and regional trains.

It might be wise to keep an eye on updates and have a Plan B ready.

For more details, read here (in English). 

Germany's 49-Euro ticket on shaky ground

Stendal, a quaint city in northern Germany, is saying “Auf Wiedersehen” to the 49-Euro Deutschlandticket from January 1, 2024. It is officially the first German city to opt out. 

While the Deutschlandticket will still whisk you around the rest of Germany, Stendal’s local buses won't be part of this ride anymore. 

Why this sudden change?

Well, it's all about the money, honey! There's been a tug-of-war over who should foot the bill for this scheme – the state governments or the bigwigs in Berlin. Despite finding a temporary funding fix through May 2024, the long-term plan is still up in the air.

If more cities follow Stendal's lead, we could be facing a real head-scratcher with the Deutschlandticket. Imagine hopping on a bus in Munich with your trusty 49-Euro ticket and then needing a whole new ticket just to cross into another city. 

Find out more about the news here (in German).

Expanded Blue Card benefits 

Image credit: Wikepedia

Germany has rolled out some shiny new rules for the EU Blue Card, and it's all about making life easier for skilled workers. As of November 18, 2023:

  1. Germany has expanded the list of jobs in high demand. This means more opportunities in various fields like veterinary medicine, child care, construction, and technology. 

  2. The salary thresholds for these positions have been lowered to €41,041 for 2024 with a faster path to permanent residency. 

  3. The new rules also make it easier for families to reunite. 

  4. If you're an EU Blue Card holder from another EU country, you can now zip into Germany without a visa and work for up to 90 days. 

  5. Need a long-term stay? Absolutely possible after a year of holding a Blue Card elsewhere in the EU.

  6. More flexibility to change employers.

And hey, if you're in the business of helping expats relocate and settle in, contact us so that we can connect you to our readers. 

Learn more here.

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2 upcoming events

Celebratory New Year's Eve run into 2024

Munich runners, want to dash into the new year with some exercise?  Then lace up your running shoes for a thrilling end-of-year sprint. 

Since the inception of Munich’s New Year’s Eve Run in 1984, it has grown into a popular holiday tradition that brings together a vibrant mix of runners, neighborhood speedwalkers, strollering day dreamers and cheerleaders. 

Whether you're a serious sprinter, a casual jogger, a family with kids, or simply a spectator, you won’t regret joining this festive event. 

This run features four routes to suit all ages and abilities: a 0.5 km children’s run, a 2 km schoolchildren's run, a 5 km fun run, and a challenging 10 km folk & street run. Each route promises a beautiful circuit through the Olympia Park, finishing at the Stadium. 

Register to join here and find more information here

General information 

📅  Monday, December 31, 2023

⏰ 12:30pm to 2pm 

📍  Werner-von-Linde-Halle (Spiridon-Louis-Ring), Olympia Park München

💶  €5

Ugly sweater party

We've got not one, but two epic ugly Christmas sweater events that'll make your holiday season so much better. 

  1. First up is the ugly Christmas sweater party at Lost Weekend. Dance the night away in your most outrageously tacky Christmas jumper. 

📅 When? Saturday, December 23, 2023, at 8pm

📍 Where? Lost Weekend, Schwabing Munich

💶 Entry Fee: A mere 2€!

  1. Next, we have the ugly Christmas sweater brunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich’s old town, with bottomless mimosas, a scrumptious American brunch buffet and some entertainment. 

📅 When? Monday, December 25, 2023, from 10am to 1pm

📍 Where? Hard Rock Cafe Munich

💶 Cost: Adults 30€ (includes unlimited mimosas, buffet and non-stop fun!)


1 new restaurant/café to try

Gärtnerplatz Alm

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy and romantic spot to enjoy some mouthwatering fondue, let us introduce you to Gärtnerplatz Alm. 

Nestled in the heart of our city, Gärtnerplatz Alm offers an intimate setting perfect for a special evening out. Imagine dipping into a pot of gooey, melted cheese or a savory broth fondue. 

They offer an incredible selection, from classic cheese fondues to unique takes like the Italian one bursting with tomato flavors and the French variant rich in herbs and wine. And let's not forget the accompanying smoked ham, pickled veggies and those heavenly rosemary potatoes. 

The ambiance here is just as delightful as the food. The space is snug and inviting, making it ideal for those cold Munich nights. Plus, their house-made hazelnut schnapps is a must-try – it's the perfect end to a scrumptious meal.

General information

📍 Corneliusstraße 16, 80469 München 

🥘  Fondue

  Winter Hours

Monday -  Thursday 6pm - Midnight

Friday & Saturday 6pm - 1am

Closed Sunday 

🔗 https://gärtnerplatzalm.com to book a table

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