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We Handpicked the 10 Best Christmas Markets in Munich for 2023

Here it is: Your 2023 guide to the best Christmas markets in Munich. Add them to your December shopping list today.

Now that Halloween is over, it’s finally time to look forward to Christmas, and Advent is one of Munich’s most festive seasons. The myriad Christmas markets play a significant role in that beauty and delight.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best Christmas markets in Munich for you to visit.

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Keep reading! At the end, we answer to some essential FAQs related to Munich’s Christmas markets.

The list contains 10 of the best Christmas Markets in Munich.

A little history: The Christmas market tradition in Munich

The delightful Weihnachtsmarkt is not a modern tourist trap. In fact, the tradition of putting on Christmas markets in Munich dates as far back as the 14th century.

The very first market was set up at Marienplatz. It was an early medieval market with local bakers, artisans, and crafters; a place for citizens to come together and celebrate during the dark winter months.

It is hard to believe that Marienplatz went from a tiny market to what it is today. Watch this video to see what it looks like now.

#1: Marienplatz Christkindlmarkt

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (click to listen to this Spotify list).

This Christmas market is special because it is the oldest, most traditional and most grand out of all the Munich markets. Set up outside the world-renowned neo-Gothic town hall, it’s a must-see for locals and tourists alike.

It is perfect for children between the ages of 6 and 12, as it offers multiple free crafting workshops. These can be found inside the town hall (look for signs for the Bastelstube im Rathaus).

It also has an extensive program, including live brass bands that play traditional folk music and classic Christmas songs.

It opens on Monday, November 27th, and will stay open until Christmas Eve, Sunday, December 24th.

Insider tips:

  1. Check out the windows of Galeria Kaufhof for the most charming automated puppets-retelling a fairy tale

  2. Inside the courtyard of the town hall, you can find special Christmas stamps

  3. Climb up St. Peter’s Church Tower after sunset for the most magical view

This Christmas market can be reached by taking the U-Bahn or S-Bahn to Marienplatz.

#2: The Medieval Christmas Market

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

The atmosphere is very authentic as the stall keepers dress up in medieval clothing and cook over open fires.

This Christmas market is a Munich favorite because it is unique. The staff and performers are really committed to keeping the Medieval theme going.

This market is also a highlight for foodies as it has the most traditional recipes as well as some older versions of the most typical Christmas market specialties (see our glossary in FAQ, below).

The great range of traditional artisan stalls also ensure a unique, handmade and sustainable Christmas shopping experience.

Insider tip: Try the Drachenglut (Dragon’s Ember), an especially warming type of mulled wine you can only get here.

This market also opens on Monday, November 27th, and will stay open until Saturday, December 23rd. It is open every day from 11am to 9pm.

The Medieval Christmas market is fairly central near Odeonsplatz. The exact address is Wittelsbacherplatz, Briennerstrasse 6-10.

#3: Tollwood Winter Festival

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is A Holly Jolly Christmas.

Are you looking for a Christmas market that wholly transports you into a Christmas Wonderland? The Tollwood Winter Festival is the perfect venue where the traditional meets the dynamic.

It combines art, theater, and a huge selection of food stalls for a bustling but charming winter spirit.

The Christmas market at Tollwood is special because it is considered Munich’s alternative Christmas market. Organizers make a point of offering new and unusual entertainment each year, as well as using materials that are environmentally sustainable.

Get ready to go here if you want to enjoy live musical performances and see amazing light displays.

Visit the official Tollwood Festival website for the schedule, which includes wonderful performances, such as acrobats and fire shows.

Insider tip: The market is traditionally also open for New Year’s and has one of Munich’s most visited New Year’s parties as well as a very fancy gala.

The winter Tollwood Festival is open from Thursday, November 23rd until Sunday, December 31st, with their Christmas market staying open until Saturday, December 23rd. The opening times vary and can be found here. Tollwood and this Chirstamas market take place at the Teresienwiese, (of Oktoberfest fame).

#4: The Schwabing Christmas Market

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Deck the Halls.

Are you looking for some arty inspiration for the holidays?

Then this market, with its annual sculpture trail and art tent, is where you want to go - It's a favorite in Munich because everything is made by crafty people for crafty people. 

The Schwabing Christmas Market offers you a glimpse into the works of  local artists and is therefore home to many unique art installations.

Insider tip: This is one of the best markets to pick up one-of-a-kind gifts.

The Schwabing Weihnachtsmarkt opens on Monday, November 27th, through Saturday, December 23rd. On weekdays, it will be open from 12pm to 8:30pm. On weekends, it will open at 11am already. 

It is very easy to reach and close to the city center. The exact location is the Forum at Münchener Freiheit.

#5: The Fairytale Bazaar at Olympiapark

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Winter Wonderland.

What better time of year is there to immerse oneself in fairytales than Christmas? Fortunately, the Fairytale Bazaar at Olympiapark makes that experience possible.

This Christmas market is special because it is immersed in nature and makes good use of the surrounding Olympiapark to create its fantastical ambiance.

It has a wide range of stalls selling handmade crafts and jewelry, as well as classic Bavarian meals and snacks.

Apart from its beautiful natural setting, it has a lot of kid-friendly play areas and workshops.

If you are looking for something enchanting and magical, this market is the one for you.

Insider tip: Definitely stop by the Bar in the center of the festival, where they have some of the best mulled wine in the city.

The Fairytale Bazaar opens on Thursday, November 23rd, and will stay open well after Christmas, until Friday, December 29th. The opening times vary and can be found here.

This Christmas Bazaar is located at Munich’s Olympiapark.

#6: Bahnwärter Thiel’s Moonlight Express

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Frosty the Snowman.

Are you looking for a surprising location tailored for a younger audience?

Then you might want to check out the Bahnwährter Thiel, which is usually a club but for Christmas, combines its industrial location with a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

This market is special because it transforms retired train tracks and containers into a festive nook.

It is the perfect market to attend with a date or just catch up with friends.

There are many vibrant offerings including stalls with arts and crafts, live music and cabaret performances.

Insider tip: They also host flea markets year-round, with high quality goods with really fair prices. Check out their website for a list of all their events.

This market will open on Thursday, November 23rd, and will stay open until Saturday, December 23rd. On weekdays, it opens at 4pm, and on weekends at 1pm. It closes at 10pm.

The Bahnwärter Thiel is located at Tumblingerstrasse 45.

#7: Pink Christmas Market

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Santa Baby.

Are you looking for something a little less traditional and a little more… pink?

This Christmas market is committed to a pink theme, and they totally run with it year after year. It is sugar, spice and everything nice, pink and glittery and over-the-top (in the best way possible).

Munich’s Pink market is special because it is founded on inclusivity and creating a safe space for everyone.

This market is also ideal if you are looking to be entertained, as it hosts many performances on its glittery stage.

The enthusiasm of the other visitors is certainly a selling point, as they make the whole market feel welcoming and contagiously festive.

Insider tip: Come here in the evening to allow the pink to truly sparkle.

Pink opens on Monday, November 27th through Saturday, December 23rd. The market is open every day until 10pm, on weekdays starting at 4pm and on weekends at 2pm.

The Pink Christmas Market is located in the Glockenbachviertel, at Stephansplatz.

#8: Chinese Tower Christmas Market

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Last Christmas.

If you're already a fan of Munich’s English Garden, then be sure to include the Weihnachtsmarkt at the Chinese Tower as part of your first winter stroll.

Starting Thursday, November 23, the iconic pagoda will be lit up and ready to welcome you into an enchantingly romantic space.

This Chinesische Türm market is special because it is in the heart of the heart of Munich, the English Garden, so it hardly gets more magical than that.

The stalls are similar to what you will find at other markets, but the occasional horse-drawn carriage will remind you that you are in one of the greenest and oldest parts of Munich.

It is secluded and romantic, and our top recommendation for date nights.

Insider tip: On your way out, stop by the little Milchhäusl Kiosk (also marked on the map) by the Universität U-Bahn exit, and enjoy a final beverage in one of their cable car seats. It’s the perfect way to end a romantic date night.

This will open on Thursday, November 23rd, and will stay open for four weeks until Saturday, December 23rd.

The Chinesicher Türm is located on the southeast end of the Englisher Garten.

#9: Viktualienmarkt

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is White Christmas and you want to experience a traditional Bavarian market. 

Christmas at the Viktualienmarkt is special because this already charming city market just becomes even more magical during Christmastime. 

Together with traditional beers and mulled wine, there will also be a Nativity Scene displayed in the beer garden. 

Be sure to stock up here on all your winter baking ingredients and fresh produce for upcoming holiday meals.

Insider tip: The market is decorated with some of the most beautiful Christmas lights in the city, so be sure to lift your head from the stands once in a while.

It will open its Christmas festivities on Monday, November 27th through Sunday, December 24th. The market will maintain its regular opening times of 8am to 8pm.

The Viktualienmarkt is very central, located just steps from Marienplatz.

#10: Local Tip - The Bogenhausen Mulled Wine Festival

You will love this Christmas market if your favorite Christmas song is Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Are you still trying to find your favorite Glühwein?

Then head over to this small local Christmas market to sample more than 30 festive options.

The Bogenhausen market is special because it is small and super cozy with its Winter Forest theme.

The market square is covered in pine trees and open fires so that you can stay warm as you enjoy your meals and drinks.

It also includes plenty of traditional Christmas treats from other European countries.

Insider tip: The section reserved for eating and drinking is fully covered and heated, so it is perfect for the days when even the warmest Glühwein can’t get you out of the door.

It will open early in November on Thursday the 16th, and will stay open a little longer, until Saturday, December 30th.

The festival grounds are accessible via tram lines 16 and 37, the exact address is Cosimastraße 5.

Here is another stroll through some of the Christmas markets mentioned above to really get you in the Christmas spirit.

Bonus: Haidhauser Weihnachtsmarkt

This is another wonderful local option.

It has an extensive programme and some unique stands, such as the Flammlachs stand (flamed salmon), a true delicacy.

It will open its Christmas festivities on Tuesday, November 28th through Saturday, December 23rd, and will be open from 11am to 9pm.

The Weißenburger Platz, where the market is located, is only two S-Bahn stops away from Marienplatz.


When do Munich’s Christmas markets start and end?

The starting times vary from mid to late November.

Most of them run until the 23rd or 24th of December, but some, like Tollwood, continue for another week and even offer New Year’s celebrations.

What are some traditional Munich Christmas market foods and drinks I should try?

Glühwein - In English, this is known as mulled wine, but the German version gets the spice combination just right. It is the most effective way to warm up and you can ask to keep the mug as a souvenir once you’re done drinking.

Bratwurst - This is an absolute must. (I am a vegetarian, but will make an exception for the traditional Bratwurst once in a while –Alessia). It’s the King of processed meats, and no one does it quite as well as Müncheners.

Lebkuchen - This is the German version of gingerbread. And just like Glühwein, the unique combination of spices and flavors is nothing short of heavenly. They are often adorned with cute icing making them charming gifts.

Rahm Fleckerl - This is a wonderful snack consisting of rye sourdough flatbread topped with sour cream, bacon and chives. It will warm you up as it’s piping hot, served straight from the oven.

Are Munich’s Christmas markets worth visiting?

The short answer is Ja! Munich Christmas markets are one of the most charming additions to an already charming city. Plus, they are not as overrun by tourists compared to other cities in Germany.

Our Weihnachtsmärkte are some of the oldest in the world and will surely put you in the Christmas spirit.

Whether you are shopping for gifts, hosting visitors, or just want to experience local traditions for yourself, they are well worth visiting. And just like in the Middle Ages, you can gather with all the other Münchners to celebrate the season and make the darkest winter month memorable with mouth-watering delights

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