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The Munich Post is Germany’s fastest-growing expat newsletter with 9,400+ readers working at companies like BMW, Celonis, Airbus, Sky, Siemens, Allianz, Audi, Infineon, Proglove, and more.

Here's why you should advertise with us:

🌎 Reach: 9,400+ readers (and growing)

✉️ Open rate: 65% (unbelievably high)

🖱️ Ad clicks: 1-2%

💰 Click details: An average issue generates 150+ clicks, with the majority of clicks going to the content mentioned in the newsletter. Each content mentioned in an issue will generate 150+clicks.

🌎 Location: The majority of our readers live in and around Munich. They come from India, the US, the UK, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, and many other countries across the globe.

👥 Audience: Our readership comprises high-skilled workers in tech, marketing, engineering, product management, and finance. They work at companies like BMW, Celonis, Siemens, Allianz, Audi, Infineon, Proglove, and many more. Expats are hands down the most educated and fastest-growing market in Germany.

📈 Growth: We’ve 8x our growth in 14 months, making us one of the fastest-growing expat newsletters in Germany. Our sign-ups are driven by strong word of mouth from readers who love our content; social media ads, and a loyal social media following. There is no other weekly newsletter that speaks to expats the way The Munich Post does.

🤞Trust: We’ll only promote what we consume and believe is good for the community.

Partner early: This newsletter is one of the most up-to-date and resourceful content providers for expats. We’ll soon be 15,000+ subscribers. Invest early to get benefits later. 

🤳🏻 Untapped Niche: Expats are the most underserved but financially well-off audience today.

Key Audience Stats

1. 60% of the audience would very disappointed if The Munich Post did not exist (strong product-market fit)

2. 73% of the audience want to know about the latest offers and sales

3. 44% of the audience are parents

4. 64% of the audience are professionals and 8% of them are self employed

5. 63% of the audience moved to Munich in the last three years

We currently offer the main sponsorship

Main Ad

Placement near the top of the email. 400 characters. 1 spot is available per issue. €300 per spot. Image/Gif size 1080×1080 px. One or multiple CTAs.

Bundle: Get a 15% discount for purchasing 4 spots.

Spot availability: Ads spots are available from June 2024 onward

Can’t afford but still wanted to be listed? Reach out at [email protected] and share how you add value to expats and English-speaking audiences. We’d make sure you get good exposure regardless.

What other sponsors are saying

I came into contact with TMP through one of the founders. hosts regular digital webinars and events on mortgages and financial services tailored to expats in Germany. Our first promotion with TMP in Munich was a full success. Not only did we have about the same exposure, clicks and sign ups to our event than with other sites that target a countrywide audience, but we were also able to help and close with a client directly after they joined the webinar.

We highly recommend TMP as a trusted and professional source to provide valuable information for their Munich-based readers and to allow businesses to reach these clients. In terms of preparation, the founders know what works with their audience and help both in structuring and designing optimal posts for the newsletter.

We look forward to continuing to work with TMP to get an exceptional reach to the expat community in Munich and beyond.

— Daniela Kögel, Finbird

We had 8 inquiries in total and one successful enquiry that turned into a client - so a great result for us. Most enquiries came from the ad that compared private vs. public health insurance.

— KL for Expats

We’ve already sponsored The Munich Post 3 times. We’ve seen 229 clicks so far with 3 customers converted already.

— Ayush Patel, Getsafe

I was already a big fan and evangelist for The Munich Post. After becoming an advertiser on the newsletter I’m an even bigger one. I got eye popping conversions, and even more importantly, valuable engagement on my ad. Worth every penny!

— Eleanor Mayrhofer, Entrepreneur

At Granite Financial, we specialise in providing holistic, tailored financial advice to expats living in Germany. It can often be difficult to cut through the noise in the current Social Media marketing environment which is why we were so pleased to come into contact with the Munich Post. They were fully supportive when it came to initially understanding our business and providing useful insights into their readership and how best to make use of the sponsorship options available.


Through promoting our webinar on Retirement Planning, they supported us in creating greater brand awareness as well as tangible results of people attending our webinar and engaging with us beyond to put in place their financial strategies. We’re excited to continue working together and proud to have such strong partners.

Steven Huish

For more questions and payments, please reach out to [email protected] 

💡 The data on this page was last updated on: 17th February 2024

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