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  • 3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to discover Munich's Upside-Down world

3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to discover Munich's Upside-Down world

Magic Bavaria is waiting to see your reels

Servus an Alle!

Welcome back to the Munich Post! The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for expats living in and around Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow:

Let's just say, Munich just got a taste of its own magical snow globe experience and everyone was talking about it. The city and MVG are on a mission to get things back to normal. 

And if you missed some popular videos going around you can watch them here and here and here. 

In the midst of last weekend's havoc, there will be a train strike this Thursday evening until Friday evening. 

Winter relevant:

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

3 bits of news

Get fun Family Pass now for 2024

Starting this Monday, December 11, the new Munich Family Pass goes on sale. For just 6 euros a year, it's like a golden ticket to a world of fun and discounts for the entire family (two adults and up to four kids). 

We're talking guided museum tours, zoo visits, nature excursions, and even some adrenaline-pumping rafting. And for the creatives? There's bookbinding, carpentry and more. Think free muncipal pool admission, yummy quarter loaves from Hofpfister and discounted trips to the zoo. 

The pass is valid for a year starting from January 1, 2024. Grab yours online or at a local sale point.  

For more details, read here (in German). 

Munich expands bike-sharing infrastructure

Fun Love GIF by MVG

Gif by MVG on Giphy

Our city council has just turbo-charged the future of shared micro-mobility in Munich. 

Starting mid 2024, our urban bike-sharing system, MVG Rad, will start transforming into a sprawling regional network even outside of city boundaries. Then, you can even travel with these bikes to places like Bad Tölz. And, it’s not just about bikes – we're talking a full-on upgrade with more parking spaces for e-scooters and the like.

MVG-Rad says 90% of Munich residents live within five-minutes from the sharable bikes. Imagine being able to grab a bike from one of 675+ stations across the city? Something to look forward to, right?

For more details, read here (in German).

New quotas for parental allowance 

Photo by Willfried Wende on Unsplash

If you’re expecting a baby soon, you'll want to stay up on the latest changes to Germany’s Elterngeld coming our way in 2024.

First off, let's talk about the current scenario. Since September 2021, parents have been able to work part-time (up to 32 hours a week) and still receive partial parental allowance. 

Plus, if your child decides to make an early entrance into this world, there’s extra allowance for you. 

And here’s some more good news – your allowance won't shrink even if you’re getting other benefits like disability or short-term allowances.

What's shifting in 2024?

The income ceiling for parental allowence however is set to change. Starting in March, couples with a taxable income above 300,000 euros (or 250,000 euros for single parents) are out of the allowance game altogether. Then from April 2024, this threshold drops to 200,000 euros, and by April 2025, it drops further to 175,000 euros. 

This phased approach will give families more time to adjust to these changes.

For more details, check here (in German).

But don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, even for Germans it is very hard to understand the program and calculate their best Elterngeld option. The government website offers an Elterngeldrechner that can help you run the numbers. It’s in German, so enlist the help of a friend and take advantage of this great benefit of raising a family in Germany.

You can also apply online for Elterngeld here.

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2 upcoming events

Upside-Down at Magic Bavaria

This week, Magic Bavaria, our city's latest and greatest adventure museum, opened its doors at the OEZ (Olympic shopping mall) and boy does this place have something magical for you. 

Spread across 1,000m2, Magic Bavaria is a treasure trove of surprises, showcasing the highlights of Bavaria in ways you've never imagined. Each room is a new world, packed with creative and interactive experiences that are not just a feast for the eyes but also a playground for the adventurous soul.

Ever fancied hanging upside down on a rock face or inside a royal castle without defying gravity? Now's your chance. They take this upside-down theme to the next level.

And guess what? It's also the perfect spot to snap those quirky and cool photos that'll make your social media pop.

Find more information here. And you can purchase your tickets here.

General information 

📅  Monday - Sunday

⏰  Monday - Thursday 11am to 7:30pm 

      Friday - Sunday 10am to 8pm

      Tuesday Closed

📍Pelkovenstraße 145, 80992 München

💶  €19.90

500 years of Krampus in Munich

Ready for a little spine-tingling fun this Advent? Mark your calendars for this Sunday, December 10, because the Krampuslauf is coming to our city center. It's not just any parade, it's a 500-year-old tradition that's equal parts creepy and captivating. 

Did you know? 

As far back as the 16th century, the Alpine regions had 'Klabauf' hobgoblins roaming around to spook the young and old. Eventually, cities adopted the tradition and fast forward to today, this event has morphed into a must-see spectacle, drawing locals and tourists alike. 

If you’re not familiar with Krampus, he is the many-horned devil-like character who accompanies St. Nikolaus on his December rounds to European households. While St. Nick gives gifts to the good children, Krampus is there to take care of the bad kids, hopefully scaring them into good behavior.

Now, you too can witness the eerie excitement of the Krampus run. During the parade, members of the Sparifankerl Pass, a cultural heritage group, will be clad in elaborate, scary costumes and march through the old town. Even before you see their terrifying costumes, you will hear them clanging their divining rods and ringing bells, creating a ruckus that's both thrilling and theatrical.

Another fun fact: These intricate get-ups, sometimes costing upwards of €2500, are a sight to behold – the masks alone can weigh a whopping ten kilos.

Find more info here (in German).

General information 

📅 Sunday, December 10 

⏰ From 3pm

📍Marienplatz, München


1 new restaurant/café to try


This Korean restaurant in Maxvorstadt is stirring up some serious culinary excitement. Here's the scoop on why this spot is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates authentic Korean flavors and a vibrant atmosphere.

With a menu boasting a wide range of traditional dishes, a Korean street vibe and some unique finds, you’re in for a treat. 

Good to Know

  • Price Point: A bit on the pricier side, expect around 30-40 euros for food and a drink.

  • Portion Size: Generous! Sharing two plates between two people is the sweet spot.

  • Favorites: Don't miss the Korean fried chicken wings and the cheese dakgalbi. The jjajangmyeon, though, might be an acquired taste.

  • Extra Perks: Friendly staff who'll pack up your leftovers.

A word of advice: this place is the talk of the town, especially for midweek dinners. So, to avoid disappointment, make sure you book a table in advance. And just a heads up, the energetic buzz of the place means it's not the spot for a quiet dinner – but perfect if you're looking for a lively dining experience.

General information

📍 Luisenstraße 47, 80333 München 

🥘 Korean

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