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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Plan ahead: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14, and Thursday, May 18 is a public holiday. Plan your grocery shopping.

3 bits of news

Invade Munich: Join the scavenger hunt

French artist Invader has taken Munich by storm with his pixel art mosaics featuring the Space Invaders. Known for his illegal and anonymous invasions, Invader's work has gained popularity worldwide.

His scavenger hunt, which started on Easter Monday and involved Instagram clues, has now led to the discovery of all 18 Space Invaders in the city.

Invader's Flash Invaders app available on App Store and Google Play allows anyone to collect points for each mosaic they find and become a part of the art campaign.

Six of Invader's works are also featured in the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA) in Munich’s city center. To join the hunt, check out the map with marked locations, but keep in mind that the locations aren't exact, as finding the mosaics is part of the game.

You can find more information here. 

Hungry for a deal?

Attention all foodies in Munich! You can now save money while dining out with the new NeoTaste app.

For only €4.99 a month, or €2.99 with the annual subscription, you can get two meals for the price of one at more than 100 participating restaurants in Munich. The app also offers other discounts, and the best part is that the vouchers don't expire.

The start-up NeoTaste wants to establish this concept throughout Germany and Munich is their twelfth city.

Restaurants like Servus Heidi, Café Cotidiano, SAM – Sushi and Meat, Sausalitos and Café Kranich have already signed up.

With one click in the app, you can reserve the discount. keep in mind that you still have to book a reservation at the selected restaurant.

Don't wait any longer, discover new restaurants and save money with NeoTaste.

Get ready to Prost: Exciting changes at Oktoberfest 2023

Get ready for Oktoberfest 2023 with some exciting new changes:

  • Opening hours are changing, with the festival opening one hour later during the week while remaining at 9:00 a.m. on weekends and public holidays.

  • The Munich Economic Committee has also made reserving tables and reselling reservations easier. This change is intended to prevent black market trade.

  • The booking is also getting a makeover with a reduction in minimum consumption. You can now enjoy two Maß of beer and roasted chicken in the tents.

  • Special rules apply to the Käfer tent, the wine tent, and other catering establishments such as cafés and snack bars.

  • And the best part, any unused tokens can be redeemed or returned in December at the local restaurant of the respective host.


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2 upcoming events

Munich's May Festivities: Feasts for the senses

Munich in May 2023 is packed with exciting events for expats and locals. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Europa-Mai: a celebration of Europe’s basic values, every day throughout the month of May, at various venues in Munich.

  2. Corso Leopold: a colorful and creative street festival May 13 - 14, at Leopoldstraße.

  3. Vespa Parade: a parade of beloved scooters on May 18, starting at the Church of the Redeemer (Ungererstraße) through Schwabing.

  4. Zamanand Festival: a festival promoting sustainability, diversity, and tolerance on May 13 & 14, at Ludwigstraße between Odeonsplatz and Siegestor.

  5. Munich Creative Business Week: a long week of design, from May 6 to 14, at various places.

  6. Kikolinos Concert: about a small goblin who loves to eat to the tones of Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

  7. Equestrian event: has carriages and music, pony rides for the little ones and an alpine hut with typical Bavarian delicacies. From May 18 - 21.

  8. Buddhist festival: this cultural program includes meditations and ceremonies with traditional music and dances in the various Buddhist traditions. With vegetarian delicacies from Vietnam, Thailand and Tibet served on Saturday, May 20.

Find more information here. 

Clear the clutter and make some cash: Hofflohmärkte community yard sales

Are you ready to declutter your home or eager to find new treasures instead? Either way, you can join the upcoming Hofflohmärkte and participate in these amazing Munich yard sales.

This project promotes neighborhood connections as well as sustainability by encouraging residents to sell items in their own yard or Hof.

How to participate in the Hofflohmärkte:

  • Sign up at www.gruene-liesl.de.

  • Register your yard or Hof before the deadline (three weeks prior to the sale date).

  • Check the schedule, which will be published about a week before each sale.

  • Find more tips, rules, and information at www.hofflohmaerkte.de.

1 new restaurant/café to try


Good news for foodies and social butterflies in Munich's Westend district: Togather restaurant in Schwanthalerstraße offers a unique dining experience, where you can meet new people by sharing a table and chatting over delicious regional and organic food.

The cozy interior and large tables provide an ideal environment for wine tastings and networking.

The menu features two vegan, two vegetarian, and one organic meat dish, with a seasonal rotation every few months.

You can also pick up a packed picnic basket filled with tasty treats to enjoy in the nearby Bavaria park.

Be sure to try the ravioli with spargel and the vegan banana bread.

📍 Schwanthalerstraße 160

🥘 Bakery & Cafe

⏰ Friday - Saturday Noon - 7:00 p.m.

⏰ Sunday Noon - 6:00 p.m.

Reservations can be made via phone 089 54030651 or via this link.

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