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  • 3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to discuss Germany’s political shift

3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to discuss Germany’s political shift

Understanding the rise of the AfD and how it affects expats

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

3 bits of news

Germany's Shift to the Far-Right

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has emerged as the second-strongest party in the country. It’s a change driven by rising voter discontent with the current coalition government, and it’s not just happening on the national level, but locally too.

In recent local elections, the AfD, some factions of which are considered right-wing extremists, pulled off two landmark victories in Germany’s east. Even more telling, recent polls in the eastern state of Thuringia put the AfD way ahead of all other parties with a whopping 34% support.

This trend is making waves across the country, as the latest opinion poll conducted shows the AfD securing 20% voter support nationally. Even the German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has referred to the AfD’s surge as “worrying.”

Dive deeper into this news here and here (in English).

If you had to vote, you’d vote for?

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What are your thoughts on the AfD’s rise in popularity?

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Automated Buses for Munich?

Munich’s public transport MVG is teaming up with a slew of other partners to give a futuristic twist to your daily commute. They’re working on a project that aims to bring automated vehicles to our public transportation.

The project, named MINGA, will run till the end of 2025. The initiative is to develop driverless transport systems that can intelligently link with each other and integrate seamlessly into the existing network.

These rides are planned to operate on-demand in mixed traffic, making your rides more flexible. Another key part of the project is testing various automated bus line systems.

So what does it mean for us? It means smoother rides, shorter wait times, and a greener city.

Learn more about the project here.

Hydrating Munich: 100 new water fountains

Recognizing that Munich is often hotter than surrounding regions and more susceptible to heat waves, the city has launched an initiative to keep its residents refreshed and hydrated.

The city aims to build 100 new water fountains that offer free drinking water to everyone. These aren’t your typical water sources, but ornate fountains designed to add a touch of beauty.

As a result, you’ll have the convenience of refilling your water bottle whenever you’re on the go. Plus, public restroom facilities located near parks are being upgraded to include drinking water dispensers.

The first new “Brunnen” has already sprung up at Fischerbuberl on Wiener Platz. You can find a list of the other water fountains here. As the city continues to grow and the weather gets warmer, city hall plans to add additional fountains in the coming years - up to 15 per year.

Find more information on this link.


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How high-earners can maximize their health insurance in Germany

Most have yet to learn how much could be saved on health insurance and pay a fortune for coverage they rarely use, bar the occasional visit to the doctor. 🤯

If you're a high-earner who is publicly insured, you might pay higher premiums since costs in the public scheme are calculated based on your income. Whereas in the private system, premiums aren’t determined by your earnings but by your age and health status when you sign up, giving you an opportunity to save if you meet the requirements.

So if you’re self-employed or an employee earning over €66,600 and have no pre-existing conditions, you are part of the lucky few eligible to potentially save by switching to private. Health insurance experts, KLforExpats compare the two systems on their website here and provide free advice for those interested in making the switch!

Check out the private vs public health insurance comparison here

2 upcoming events

Midsummer fireworks and music

Midsummer Night’s Dream is back. An electrifying night of open-air concerts, delicious festival food from around the globe, and artistic surprises that are sure to leave you enchanted.

As the evening folds, everyone gathers around the Olympiasee for the grand finale - the biggest pyrotechnic show in Germany. Grab your tickets here to be part of the magic.

You can check the complete program schedule here. 

General information 

📅 Saturday, July 15

4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

📍 Olympic Park, München

💶 €39 - Regular and €255 - VIP

Dance into the Sunrise

Are you ready to dance your heart out as the sun rises?

The cherished tradition of the Kocherball is taking place this weekend in the Englischer Garten. This isn’t just any dance event. It’s a nod to this city’s vibrant history, sunrise celebration, and a gathering of joyous spirits.

So, what’s the Kocherball? Way back in 1880, as many as 5,000 Munich domestic workers would meet every Sunday morning in the summer to dance at the Chinesischer Turm. Fast forward to today and now about 12,000 people come together in the early morning hours to continue the tradition.

If you’re interested, meet up is at the Biergarten at the Chinese Tower at 6 a.m. (or earlier) to celebrate with beer and Weißwurst and dance to polka, waltz, or the special double “Münchner Française.” So set your alarms and dust off your Tracht - Dirndls and Lederhosen.

Keep a watch on the website in case of rain or thunderstorms.

General information 

📅 Sunday, July 16

6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

📍 Chinesischen Turm, Englischer Garten


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1 new restaurant/café to try

Dachgarten (coming soon)

A new temporary spot is opening up to give you a bird’s-eye view of our beautiful city. Fat Cat, part of the Gasteig project, is opening its doors to a rooftop bar - or rather, three bars and two kitchens spread across two levels.

Imagine sipping your favorite drink or digging into a tasty meal, all while soaking in a panoramic view of Munich. The rooftop is not just about wining and dining. It’s an eco-conscious haven. The team behind this wonderful spot is also looking to make it 70% self-sufficient, with its solar power and an organic vegetable bed.

The opening is scheduled for this coming Saturday (15 July). For more details on timings visit their website or Instagram.


General information

📍 Hans-Preißinger-Straße 8, 81379 München

🥘 Mix


Expat tip of the week 🤓

Most Yoga & Bodywork classes are in German, but I found one in English. It’s with Anna Melissa.

It’s based on the concept of nervous system co-regulation and self-connection through Empathy, Movement, and Holistic Bodywork.

  • Holistic Bodywork: a sophisticated massage for your body and soul

  • Movement & Holistic Bodywork: Yin Yoga, Intuitive Movement combined with a massage

For more info: www.anna-melissa.com 

Where: (at Patrick Broome Yoga studio Odeonsplatz and in Thalkirchen or at home)

Get a 20% discount on each package of 10 sessions with Anna Melissa — Aazar

Meme of the week 😂

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P.S. We talked about the Idea train last week, we were lucky to drive in it. Here are some pictures.

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