3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to rethink pensions

New German pension package unveiled

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3 bits of news

Let's Celebrate Women's Day 

Mark your calendars for this Friday, March 8, because Munich is going all out to celebrate International Women's Day. 

From free admission to special promotions at the Deutsche Museum, there's something for everyone. This day isn't just about freebies; it's about recognizing and appreciating the incredible contributions of women and girls in our society. Dive into workshops, guided tours, and more – specially curated to inspire and empower. 

Equal Pay Day - Time for Change

Did you know women still earn 18% less than men in Germany? Having said this, Germany is in third-to-last place in Europe. Only Estonia and Austria have an even higher gender pay gap. It's 2024, and it's high time for a change. Munich is standing up with the Equal Pay Day tram, zipping through our city, advocating for wage equality for women. This campaign is a call to action for fairness and equality in the workplace. 

Empower Yourself with Martial Arts

Ladies, ready to kick some serious butt? This Friday, March 8, MMA is hosting a free martial arts session for women and girls. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn self-defense, build confidence, and have a blast while doing it. No experience? No problem! This session is all about empowerment and strength, regardless of your skill level.

Read more here and here (in German). 

New German Pension package unveiled

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

It's not every day that we see such a bold move in the financial landscape, but our government is taking a step that's sure to pique your interest. 

By introducing a share capital to fund the statutory pension insurance for the first time, Germany is making a groundbreaking move. What does this mean for you? 

Well, imagine a future where your pension contributions are buoyed by the highs and lows of the stock market. We're talking about a whopping 200 billion euros set to be played on the global financial stage by the mid-2030s.

Why this shift, you ask? 

With an aging population and more baby boomers heading into retirement than ever, it's crunch time for keeping our pensions afloat. This innovative approach is aimed at easing the load on contributors like you and me, and giving the federal budget a bit of breathing room.

This isn't about turning every pensioner into a stockholder overnight. This is all about the government making savvy investments to ensure that when it's time to hang up your work boots, there's a comfortable cushion waiting for you.

Find out more about this news here (in German).

E-Prescriptions: What's the scoop? 

That's right, a sleeker, greener, and more efficient way to manage your meds is here.

Let's break it down. Whether you're tech-savvy or a bit tech-shy, you've got options to redeem your e-prescriptions. Use your electronic health card, the new e-prescription app, or a simple paper printout. 

Doctors will now digitally whip up your prescription, which lands securely in a central system. You can then strut into any pharmacy and redeem it using your preferred method.

Besides saving trees, the e-prescription system is all about making your life easier. Need a follow-up prescription? Skip the trip to the doc and go straight to picking up your meds. Plus, it’s a huge win for medication management, especially if you're juggling a few.

Read in detail here (in German).

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This webinar will be going into detail about how to make the government help you buy your new house but also:

  • Insider Tips: Learn from real estate experts well-versed in Munich's market.

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2 upcoming events

Art Fair

150 labels come together at Munich’s Kunst and Design Markt to showcase an array of stunning products that blur the lines between function and artistry. From fashion aficionados to lovers of ceramics and everything in between, there's something here for everyone.

As you meander through the vibrant stalls, each bursting with unique creations ranging from stylish clothing and intricate jewelry to bespoke wood designs and innovative ceramics, you'll find yourself lost in a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders. 

But that's not all. The location is well chosen and you can immerse yourself in the historic charm as you lounge between vintage trams, sipping on a cup of aromatic coffee or indulging in a refreshing drink.

Plus, the E7 tram brings you to the location near Fasangarten for free.

Find more information here.  

General information 

📅  Saturday, March 9 Sunday, March 10, 2024 

⏰  10am – 6pm

📍  The MVG Museum, München

💶  5€

It's time for Randy

Ready for an evening that promises giggles, snorts, and maybe even a tear of joy? Let's talk about Randy Feltface's “First Banana Comedy” night. Imagine this: an evening where the revenge on the first banana to grace the Earth unfolds. Intrigued? So are we!

Book your tickets here. 

📅  Saturday, June 22, 2024

📍 TonHalle München (im Werksviertel Mitte)

💶  From €43.25 

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1 new restaurant/café to try

Hatay Dürüm

Hatay Dürüm in Sendling offers an experience that strays from the traditional path. Imagine a skewer wrapped in delicate lavash, coated in a tomato sauce that dances on your palate. 

While some might find the sauce and meat's aftertaste a bit off the beaten track, it's all about exploring new twists on classic delights. And hey, not every bite is everyone's cup of tea, but the culinary adventure is worth the trek.

Hatay Dürüm rolls out a red carpet of warm welcomes, chic interiors, and a cozy vibe that invites you to linger.

General information

📍  Plinganserstraße 17, 81369 München
🥘  Turkish

  Tuesday - Sunday 11am–10pm

Closed Monday 

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