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  • 3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to celebrate MVG bus because they heard us

3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to celebrate MVG bus because they heard us

Well, MVG has heard your wishes and they're making them come true. 

Servus an Alle!

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

3 bits of news

Evening bus rides more convenient 

Ever found yourself wishing the bus could drop you off just a bit closer to home? Well, MVG has heard your wishes and they're making them come true. 

MVG buses are now offering a stop on request service during the evening and night hours. If you're traveling by MVG bus after 9pm, you can now request to be dropped off between two regular stops. Imagine the convenience of getting closer to your destination without that extra walk, especially on those chilly nights or after a long day.

Here’s how you can make the most of this fantastic service:

  • Plan ahead: As you hop on the bus, have a chat with the driver. Let them know where you'd like to get off, ideally at least one stop in advance.

  • Safety first: Remember, while the drivers are happy to accommodate, they need to follow road and safety regulations. This means not all places are feasible for a stop, especially busy roads within the Mittlerer Ring or near zebra crossings. 

  • One stop per trip: Keep in mind, the drivers can only accommodate one such request between two stops, so plan accordingly.

  • Driver's call: Drivers have the final say. If they can't stop where you've requested, it's probably in the interest of safety for everyone on board or other road users.

For more details, check here (in German).

Munich airport aims for 2035 Net Zero

In an impressive move towards sustainability, the airport is ramping up its climate goals. Munich Airport now wants to hit Net Zero emissions by 2035, a full 15 years ahead of its original 2050 target. 

That's right, we're talking about a whopping 90% reduction in emissions that the airport can directly control. This ambitious move is a significant leap toward greener skies and a more sustainable city.

The plan? They're tackling four major areas: energy supply, airport facilities and infrastructure, building energy performance and revamping the vehicle fleet. Picture this: runways lit by LEDs, more efficient baggage systems and 500 electric vehicles buzzing around the airport. Plus, they're transforming a commercial forest into a ‘climate forest’ to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

But Munich’s airport isn't stopping there. They're also focusing on minimizing the so-called Scope 3 emissions, which include CO2 emissions from airline operations. From providing ground support with preconditioned air systems to joint research projects, every effort is being made to create an eco-friendlier aviation industry.

For more details, read here (in English).

Iconic US chain to revitalize the city center

It's time to welcome a new tenant to the vacant Abercrombie & Fitch storefront on Sendlinger Straße and say hello to a brand-new shopping experience. 

We're talking a sprawling 3,000m2 of retail space spread over three floors. Although not widely known, the US-based luxury home furnishings company RH, (aka Restoration Hardware) is embarking on a 7-city expansion in Europe. RH made its UK debut last month, and the Munich store, RH’s second shop in Germany, should open this year.

It's an exciting addition to a street already rich with furnishing and design stores like Kare and Casa 43. Sendlinger Straße is turning into a furniture-accessories-design cluster. 

For more details, read here (in German).

In Partnership with Finbird

It is our desire to bring our readers the best information about Munich — at zero cost to you. In keeping with this theme, we thank our sponsors for today’s newsletter. Three reasons why we love Finbird: 1. Honest and transparent guidance 2. Extreme focus on personal relationships & service. 3. Expat friendly. By clicking on the link below, you’re supporting this newsletter.

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Join our exclusive webinar, tailored specifically for Munich's expat community. It's more than just a seminar; it’s a comprehensive guide to conquering the local real estate market. Here's what you'll gain:

  • Insider Tips: Learn from real estate experts well-versed in Munich's market.

  • Navigating Mortgages: Get advice on securing favorable mortgage deals.

  • Legal Know-How: Understand the intricacies of German property contracts.

  • Making an Impression: Discover how to stand out to sellers and secure your dream home.

I attended their last webinar, and here’s what I thought: "Although I was not really “looking-looking” for a house at that moment. I still learned about mortgage rates, things I never considered in my list, like energy cost, property tax, etc. But when I was ready, Finbird guided me free of cost and provided the best offer I couldn’t refuse. So, it was great to have developed that relationship early on." — Aazar

Limited Seats Available – Secure your spot before 27th November to transform your house-hunting journey in Munich. We asked them to increase some seats for members.

2 upcoming events

What’s new at Tollwood this winter

Starting today, the Tollwood Winter Festival 2023 is set to dazzle us once again. It’s a Christmas market like no other, brimming with international arts, crafts and organic treats that'll tickle your taste buds. 

And for those who are new here, guess what? Entry to the festival grounds is absolutely free.

This year's theme takes its cue from Pablo Picasso to show you how “art can wash away the dust of everyday life from our souls.” With more than 660 events, including the variety show Limbo Unhinged (running until December 31), and an array of bands, poetry readings, and mesmerizing performances, our souls will be shining into the new year.

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Stroll through the Market of Ideas. 

Craving some culinary adventures? The Food Plaza awaits with the finest dishes. 

And for those who love a bit of thrill, the Hexenkessel will be rocking with adventure. 

Don't forget the speaking Christmas tree and the enchanting "Magic Forest" with its glittering sculptures.

For a grand finale to 2023, you can choose to celebrate New Year's Eve in style at Tollwood's Gala or groove into 2024 with live music and DJs at their legendary party.

Note: the Market of Ideas is only open until Saturday, December 23 and the festival site is closed on Sunday, November 26, in observance of All Soul’s Day (Totensonntag). 

Find more information here. 

General information 

📅 Thursday, November 23 – Sunday, December 31, 2023

⏰ Monday - Friday 2pm - 10:30pm 

     Saturday & Sunday 11am - 10:30pm

     Closed on Sunday, November 26 (public holiday)

📍Theresienwiese München

☎️ Ticket hotline 08938500

Stock up on English reads

Get ready for an exciting event that combines your love for reading with a heartwarming cause. The English Book Sale is back and it's not just any old rummage sale – it's a chance to grab fantastic English books and DVDs at great prices while supporting our partner communities in Ilembula, Tanzania.

This year, the book sale unfolds in the beautiful Jugendstil Gesellschaftshaus, courtesy of kbo Isar-Amper Clinic in Haar. Every purchase you make helps fund humanitarian projects in Ilembula, making a real difference in people's lives. Check out their website for more insights into these impactful initiatives.

This is your opportunity to stock your shelves with quality English books, ranging from the latest novels to timeless classics and a wide variety of non-fiction covering every imaginable interest. There is plenty for the kids too. 

Find more details here.

General information 

📅 Friday, November 24 from 2pm - 7pm

Saturday, November 25 from 10am - 3pm

📍Gesellschaftshaus (meeting hall next to Café Jedermann on the grounds of the kbo Isar-Amper-Klinikum)

Ringstraße 36, 85540 Haar, München 


1 new restaurant/café to try

Mary’s Coffee Club

Are you on the hunt for that perfect spot to unwind with a cup of coffee and some delicious healthy food?

Nestled in a quaint corner, this café offers more than just your average cup of joe. Think luscious avocado toast, perfectly poached eggs and an array of all-day fare that's as delicious as it is wholesome.

Mary’s Coffee Club is the ideal place for that leisurely Sunday brunch you've been dreaming about. Walk in as early as 9am, and you're likely to snag a seat without a wait – perfect for those spontaneous brunch cravings.

The place might play a bit of hide and seek with its slightly hidden location, but that just adds to its charm, offering you a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. And from those who've tried it, the Florentine Waffle is a must-have. 

General information

📍Türkenstraße 86A, München 

🥘 Breakfast & Brunch

Monday - Sunday 9am - 7:30pm

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