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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Free ice cream for everyone on the 24th of March. Check out the offer here.

Also, Easter's around the corner, and it's time to brace yourself for the great escape. The ADAC is warning us of potential traffic jams popping up on motorways, especially in Bavaria, Austria, and Switzerland.

3 bits of news

Meet Munich's newest patrol pup

Image source: Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Thomas Kiewning

Say hello to Spot, the AI-powered robot dog who’s joining the fight against vandalism on Munich's S-Bahn trains.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has unleashed Spot in a bold move to sniff out trouble in the form of graffiti and damage. This mechanical marvel will be trotting through parking facilities, using his AI brains and brawn to spot any unsavory activities.

Spot isn’t just any guard dog; he’s equipped with the latest in AI technology, allowing him to autonomously patrol different terrains with ease. 

With his sensors and cameras, he’s as vigilant at night as during the day, ensuring no sneaky spray-painter goes unnoticed. And if he takes a tumble? No worries—Spot’s programmed to pick himself right back up.

This one-month test phase could mark a new era in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of our public transportation. DB is eager to see how Spot can help the efforts of their security team, potentially making him a permanent fixture. 

So next time you're near an S-Bahn parking facility, keep an eye out for Spot. 

Find out more about this news here (in German).

Climb high at Thalkirchen 3.0 (free entry this weekend)

Calling all adrenaline junkies and wall scalers! Thalkirchen is leveling up with the grand opening of a state-of-the-art bouldering hall at the DAV Climbing and Bouldering Center Munich-Süd. 

This weekend, the doors are swinging wide open for a two-day climbing fest. You're all invited to join in on the vertical fun, and admission is absolutely free for the entire weekend. It's the perfect chance to check out what's new on the climbing scene, no strings attached—well, except for safety ropes, of course. 

With 1200m² of indoor bouldering bliss, 200m² of fresh-air outdoor bouldering, and more than 450m² of outdoor climbing walls, your climbing cravings are sure to be satisfied. And for those itching to take their skills from the indoor walls to real rock faces, there's even a practice area gearing up to prepare you for the great outdoors.

Read in detail here (in German).

General information

📅  Opening weekend with free entry, March 23/24


📍 DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum München-Süd, Thalkirchner Straße 207, 81371 München

Starting this week the demolition and reconstruction of the Lindwurmstraße railway bridge begins. From Sunday, March 25, until August 2028, yes you read that right 2028, expect some twists and turns in your usual route. We're talking about a one-way ticket southbound between Pocci-/Ruppertstraße and Implerstraße. 

Northbound travel by car into the city? That's a no-go. But don’t worry, signs will guide you through alternative routes. 

Pedestrians and cyclists, you're mostly in luck; your journey remains unscathed in both directions with the exception of the beginning of June to beginning of July this year, where the underpass is expected to be completely closed to all types of traffic. 

Fortunately a free shuttle bus will be set up to take pedestrians to the other side of the underpass.

Read more here (in German).

In Partnership with HomeMeal.de

It is our desire to bring our readers the best information about Munich — at zero cost to you. In keeping with this theme, we thank our partners for today’s newsletter.

Pictures from Aazar’s phone

Hey folks!

A few weeks ago, I shared HomeMeal, saying that it is really authentic. So, I needed to try it, too.

Well, it is indeed authentic. It doesn’t taste like Indian restaurants that cater to Germans.

My use-cases:

  • I use it for lunch. I don’t need to think about cooking and cleaning

  • I get a variety of food that I can’t cook

  • It has to be halal. I talked to the founder, and he said that they buy meat from Turkish shops

  • It’s my alternative to takeaways and, often, restaurant meals

  • I feel I’m back home with all those nice spices (nostalgic)

First, I’ve changed my mind about that. Ordering has become easier because the minimum number is 3 dishes, not 6. Second, you need to try multiple chefs to know whose dishes you like (I thought all chefs were equally good). For example, Yoga’s Dum Biryani is way better than Durgha’s. It’s like AirBnB for authentic chef’s food. It’s not a typical ready-to-heat food. So, you need to keep trying to find out which chef is your favorite.

Use code: TheMunichPost to get a 10€ discount (you can use this discount code as many times as you like, not just once). I wrote a full review here.

2 upcoming events

Chat over coffee: Language café

Ever thought of improving your German while discussing the latest book you've read, or practicing your Spanish by chatting about the newest hit on Netflix? 

Well, Gasteig has got just the spot for you. Welcome to the Language Café, where learning meets leisure in a cozy setting. Whether you're a polyglot or a language newbie, this café offers a unique opportunity to brush up on your language skills in German, English, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Offering a laid-back environment for you to chat, learn, and connect. It's not just about getting the grammar right; it's about sharing stories, laughing at language blunders, and discovering the cultural nuances behind each phrase.

Read more here

📅  various dates for different languages

⏰  From 10am onwards

📍  various locations:
Gasteig Motorama, Rosenheimer Straße 30-32, 81669 München or Gasteig HP8 und Isarphilharmonie, Hans-Preißinger-Straße 8
81379 München (Halle E, LernLab | Gasteig HP8)

Craft your weekend at MachArt

This weekend, you can dive into a world bursting with creativity and craftsmanship at the MachArt creative and manufacturing market. From art to fashion, jewelry, and even natural cosmetics – it's a treasure trove of unique finds and handmade wonders. 

But that's not all – the MachArt Market is a family affair, with plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained. Think Punch and Judy shows, face painting, and crafts, alongside a myriad of interactive experiences for adults like tattooing, children's yoga, and workshops on everything from dotting to tufting. 

And let's not forget the food trucks, cool drinks, and tasting stations ensuring your exploration is fueled with tasty treats. With about 90 exhibitors from across Germany showcasing their passion projects, you're in for a weekend of discovery, learning, and, of course, shopping.

More details here. 

📅  Saturday, March 23 – Sunday, March 24, 2024

⏰  Saturday 11am – 7pm / Sunday 10am – 5pm

📍 Alte Kongresshalle, Am Bavariapark 14, München

💶  Admission €6, Reduced €4, Kids up to 10 years free 

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1 new restaurant/café to try

M'Uniqo Rooftop Bar 

M'Uniqo Rooftop Bar is your next stop for an unforgettable evening in Munich. Perched high above Leopoldstraße, this gem offers spectacular 360° panoramic views that will take your breath away, especially as the city lights twinkle to life at dusk. 

Imagine sipping on cosmopolitan drinks with a local twist, surrounded by an elegant ambiance and the stunning backdrop of Munich and the distant Alps. 

The bar's unique indoor setting, with varied table arrangements, ensures a cozy and intimate experience, whether you're there for a romantic date or a casual hangout with friends. 

And let's not skip the fact that the women's bathroom might just be the most spectacular you've ever seen, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to your visit. 

With the warmer months promising an even more magical experience on the terrace, M'Uniqo is a must-visit. 

General information

📍  Leopoldstraße 170, 80805 München
🥘  Bar

  Tuesday - Thursday 6pm–12 Midnight, Friday - Saturday 6pm–1am

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