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Welcome back to the Munich Post! The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for expats living in and around Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

3 bits of news

Sparkasse ends night branch access

Due to concerns surrounding ATM security and recent events in Munich, the Stadtsparkasse München is rolling out a new safety measure. Starting October 30, the doors to interior ATMs will be locked up tight from 10pm to 6am. 

And if you're wondering, “What if I get locked in?” No worries. The indoor ATM rooms are always video-monitored and you can safely exit from inside. 

Need to grab some cash at night? Sparkasse has 33 outdoor ATMs in Munich (locations listed here). So chances are, there's one close to you. Only about 3% of withdrawals are made at night, so it's not going to affect a lot of people.

Plus, for those worried about the homeless who used these spaces for shelter, Sparkasse is stepping up and supporting organizations that help those seeking shelter. 

For more details, read here (in German). 

Historic artwork returns home

A 300-year-old painting snatched away during the chaos of World War II, has finally found its way back to Munich. The painting, known as “Landscape of Italian Character” by Johann Franz Nepomuk Lauterer (1700 -1733), is not just any old canvas – it's a piece of history. 

After vanishing in 1945, it surfaced in the U.S., a long way from its home. A Chicagoan alerted Art Recovery International last year, saying their uncle, who was a soldier in WWII, had brought it to the States. Fast forward to now, the FBI has handed it back to German hands in a touching ceremony at the German Consulate in Chicago. 

And here's the kicker: it's reuniting with its twin painting to complete a panoramic scene for the first time since the war. The pair, separated for almost eight decades, will soon reunite at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich. 

For more details, check here (in English).

Munich tops the list of most expensive cities

Image source: Unsplash

Ever wondered why your wallet feels lighter these days? A new study by the Institute of the German Economy (IW) and the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research (BBSR) spells it out: It's all about where you live. 

In some German cities, life's a whopping 38% pricier than in others. So, where exactly are these costly hotspots and budget-friendly havens?

Maybe it’s no surprise to us that Munich leads the pack, costing more than 25% of the German average. That's a steep price for the beauty of Bavaria. But it's not just Munich feeling the pinch. It’s surrounding districts like Starnberg and Dachau that are super expensive as well. 

Got friends in Frankfurt or Stuttgart? They're also shelling out more for their living expenses. And guess what aspect stands out the most? Housing (obviously). For those residing in Munich, housing can cost up to 80% more than the national average. And if you’re wondering about our capital, Berlin – it's a relatively modest 5.5% above the average. 

But if you're feeling the pinch and looking to save some euros, maybe consider the Vogtlandkreis and Greiz areas, where living costs dip 9.5% below the national average.Yes, you read that right, living expenses here are almost 10% BELOW that of most of Germany. 

But despite the low costs, eastern German states still face other income challenges. Though housing in eastern areas like Vogtland is way cheaper (32% below average), the income gap keeps widening. Recent stats show that workers in the Neue Bundesländer still earn about €13,000 less annually than their western counterparts. 

Anyone want to do the calculation and let us know if moving there makes sense?

The Institute for German Economy (IW) has come up with a brand-new price index, giving us deep insights into the cost of living across various German regions. To get a clearer picture, you can download it here. 

For more details, check here (in German).

Given Munich's rising living costs, how are you planning to adapt?

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2 upcoming events

Swap your books at Lost Weekend

Calling all book lovers! Imagine a place where your already-read books find new homes while you discover exciting new reads. 

This Sunday, November 5, Lost Weekend is hosting an amazing book swap from 11am to 3pm. All you need to do is bring along a book (or maybe a few) to swap. The best news? They’re focusing mainly on English books due to the large number of multilingual students and expats, but we’re told German books are welcome too. 

Just remember, the regular books for sale at Lost Weekend, including those lovely poetry volumes and works by Munich-based authors, aren't part of the swap (they're still a great buy though).  

We think that this is the perfect event to connect with fellow book enthusiasts and make some new friends or maybe start a new book club. 

Find more information here

General information 

📅 Sunday, November 5

📍 Schellingstraße 3, 80799 München

⏰ 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

Gear up for 2 great ski sales

With winter peeking around the corner, it's time to gear up. Two flea markets to visit (or even take part in) include the popular Westend ski flea market this Saturday (November 4) from 10am at St. Philippus church nestled in the pastor's courtyard in Laim. 

Their skilled ski instructors will take care of all the details for you. Just focus on picking out the ideal skis or snowboards with a guarantee of finding only the best usable gear. An important reminder: What you see is what you get, as the tagged price is final – no bargaining allowed.

Are you looking to sell? Visit their ski school office to get a seller number. Attach this number with your set price on a tag to each item. 

You can drop your items off on Saturday between 8-9am and then return between 2-3:30pm to collect your sales proceeds (90% thereof).

Also, don't miss out on the other big ski & board flea market in Untergiesing-Harlaching on Saturday, November 19, from 9am-12 Noon. To participate as a seller, make sure to register your items online beforehand here. Take note: this sale is equipment only, so leave those winter clothes behind.

Find more details on the flea markets here and here. 

P.S. Thank you, Agata (our friend), for sending us these events.

General information Westend Ski Flea Market

📅 Saturday, November 4 

📍 Mehrzweckturnhalle der bayerischen Landesschule für Körperbehinderte

     Westendstraße 245, 80686 München

⏰ From 10 a.m. 

General information Ski & Board Flea Market

📅 Sunday, November 19 

📍 Grünwalderstr 72, 81547 München

⏰ 9 a.m. - 12 Noon. 


1 new restaurant/café to try

Servus Heidi

Servus Heidi (in Friedenheim) isn't just any restaurant; it's a delightful culinary adventure blending German tradition with a lot of style.

Tucked in a cozy, woodsy setting, with locally sourced ingredients, their classic Bavarian dishes, like the juicy beef tartare and golden-yellow Munich Schnitzels, are both a must-try. The sides? Think crispy fried potatoes with onions and unique fried radishes. 

Wash it down with a cold Augustiner, right from the tap, in their inviting beer garden. And, oh, the nostalgia… with “Heidi” playing in the background and the staff in traditional attire, it feels like a trip down memory lane.

Make your reservations here. 

General information

📍 Landsberger Str. 73, 80339 München 

🥘 German

Tuesday - Saturday 5 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Closed Sunday, Monday and public holidays

After reading about Servus Heidi, we wanna know: What's your preferred dining experience in Munich?

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