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Munich's mandatory rent index. KVR digital? 2024: Germany's Year of Change

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Happy New Year. Hope you all had a lovely holiday with family and friends and are back in the city. Just when we thought we'd get a gentle start to the new year, winter decided to make a grand re-entrance. As if the return of winter wasn't enough, we've also got train and farmers' strikes shaking things up on our streets.

3 bits of news

Munich's mandatory rent index

Observatory Munich, Sternwarte München mit Parkhaus im Vordergrund

Photo by Hermann Wittekopf on Unsplash

For the first time, the city is making it mandatory for selected households to disclose their rental costs for the Munich Rent Index 2025. 

Don’t be surprised if you’re one of the up to 100,000 households receiving a letter from Kantar, the market research institute handling the data collection. They're aiming to gather around 3,000 responses to get a clear picture of the rental landscape in Germany's priciest city.

If you're contacted and don't provide the needed info, you might end up facing a fine of up to 5,000 euros. Yes, you read that right. So, if you find a letter from Kantar in your mailbox, it’s not just another piece of junk mail – it’s something you need to take seriously.

This isn't just about complying with a new rule. The Rent Index is a pretty significant tool, especially in legal matters concerning rental disputes. A well-crafted Rent Index can help ease the heated discussions about rental prices in our bustling city. It’s based on several criteria, including the type, location, size, amenities and condition of the property.

For those who like to stay ahead of the curve, the most current Rent Index for Munich (2023) is available online

For more details, read here (in German). 

Did you know KVR offers 146 Digital Services?

Image source: KVR

Despite this fantastic leap into digitalization, it turns out many of us in Munich are still in the dark about these online wonders. A recent survey revealed that a lot of people visiting the KVR had no clue about the digital services available. 

That's why the KVR has kicked off the “Mehr Zeit für Anderes” campaign. The goal? To spread the word about these nifty online options that could save you loads of time and hassle.

To explore the full extent of these digital offerings, visit this link. From re-registering your residence to dealing with small business or even registering a a business, it's all there, categorized for your convenience. 

Find out more about the news here (in German).

2024: Germany's Year of Change 

Image source: Unsplash

Germany is expected to roll out a few new and amended laws in 2024. Here is what we can expect:

  • Dual Citizenship Law Overhaul

    • Exciting changes for expats: dual citizenship law possibly in effect by April 2024.

    • New rules reduce residency requirements to five years for eligibility.

    • Special provisions for older residents and children born in Germany.

  • Opportunity Card Introduction

    • Simplifying migration: non-EU citizens can now stay in Germany for one to three years, searching for long-term employment.

    • Requirements: vocational training or a degree, and basic German or English language skills.

  • Social Security Adjustments

    • Health insurance income threshold increases to 69,300 euros annually.

    • Pension contributions capped differently in East and West Germany.

    • Statutory health insurance's additional cost to rise by 0.1%.

  • Parental Benefits and Leave

    • New parents face reduced income thresholds for Elterngeld, starting April 2024.

    • Changes in parental leave division: only one month shared leave allowed.

  • Child Maintenance Payment Increase

    • Payments for underage children rise, depending on age and parent's income.

  • Citizens’ Allowance Increase

    • Significant boost for single claimants and those caring for children.

  • Workplace Changes

    • Minimum wage to rise to 12,14 euros per hour.

    • Minijob income threshold increases, allowing tax-free earnings up to 538 euros per month.

    • New fathers and second parents get 10 days paid paternity leave.

  • Tax System Updates

    • Basic tax-free allowance and child tax exemption rates to increase.

  • Transportation Adjustments

    • Potential increase of Deutschlandticket cost to 59 euros per month.

    • Berlin reintroduces 29-euro public transport ticket.

    • Electric car subsidies to be cut.

  • Consumer-Focused Changes

    • Cannabis legalization: controlled purchase and possession for adults.

    • Gas price cap ends, leading to potential utility cost increases.

    • VAT in cafes and restaurants to increase from 7% to 19%.

    • Charging electronic devices will become significantly easier with uniform USB-C charging standards for smartphones and other devices, required by the end of 2024.

  • Environmental Regulations

    • New heating law requires renewable energy for newly installed heating systems.

    • Pfand system extended to include plastic milk bottles. 

Read in detail here (in English), or on The Local’s podcast, which talks about the next steps for dual citizenship law. 

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2 upcoming events

Cirque du Soleil hits Munich

Get ready, Munich! Cirque du Soleil is pitching its grand tent at Theresienwiese for a whole month. Get ready to dive into ‘Kurios,’ the story of a curious researcher whose wild imagination opens a portal to a bizarre, dream-like world.

Experience a dazzling array of performances from air cycling to chair balancing, brought to life by 50 top-class artists from 17 countries. Munich's run includes 41 performances and is set to add significantly more performances to that number.

Purchase your tickets here. Watch a preview of this magnificent act. 

General information 

📅  Friday, January 26 to Sunday, February 25

⏰  Various time slots

📍  Theresienwiese München

💶  from €58

Moms & Dads’ Disco Night

Image source: Helene Disco

Munich moms and dads, are you ready to swap your bedtime stories for some dance floor glory? It's time to step out of those comfy slippers and into your dancing shoes because the Helene Disco in Schwabing is hosting the ultimate Parents' Evening.

The DJs will be spinning a nostalgic mix of 90s and 2000s hits, sprinkled with some of today's chart-toppers. It's the perfect recipe for a night of carefree fun.

At 11pm, the doors open for the regular Friday night crowd with the “Nineties vs. Nullties” program, so you can keep dancing the night away if you're not ready to hang up your dancing shoes just yet.

Grab your tickets here. 

📅 Friday, January 12

⏰ 8pm 

📍Helene Disco, Occamstraße 5, Munich

💶  €11 (tickets include coat check service)


1 new restaurant/café to try

MUN Restaurant

What do you think about dipping into a fusion of flavors that bring together the best of Korean and global cuisine? Chef Mun Kim from The MUN Restaurant (near Gasteig) is here to do just that - infused with a dash of international flair. 

Opt for their popular tasting menu, where each dish is not only fresh but also flavorful. While there was a bit of a wait between courses, the quality and taste of the food made every minute worth it. Since autumn 2023, MUN has introduced an à la carte option from Tuesday to Thursday, in addition to their signature tasting menus and the Omakase menu. 

The ambiance at MUN adds to the allure. It's cozy and inviting, creating the perfect backdrop for a delightful evening. The staff's friendly and knowledgeable service adds to the overall experience, making you feel both welcomed and pampered. 

General information

📍 Innere Wiener Straße 18, 81667 München

🥘  Korean Fusion

  Tuesday/Thursday/Friday,  6pm - 11pm

      Saturday, 6pm - 12 Midnight

      Closed Sunday/Monday/Wednesday 

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