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The Best Munich Vegan Restaurants (Approved by Vegan Fans)

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Munich? We've got you covered.

The Munich Post talked to 100+ vegan food loving expats in Munich. We picked the 10 best vegan restaurants in Munich so you don’t have to aimlessly search on Google.

Let’s see which ones are the best and why.


1. SOY Vegan: Heaven for appetizers

Looking to try great quality vegan Vietnamese food with lots of flavors? SOY München is the place.

Their sparkling cocktails (non-alcoholic also available), and luscious Goi Du Du and Bun Sa Ot meals are their must-try specialties.

What's unique about SOY is not only the delicious 100% vegan food options but its stylish and cozy ambiance which feels like you’re in Asia.

A reviewer remarked:

"We loved this place! Everything was vegan and tasted awesome. We ordered some appetizers and shared a dessert; everything was super yummy! I highly recommend SOY."

Pros: Super yummy vegan Vietnamese dishes, a plethora of food and beverages options, moderate prices.

Check it out here: https://soy-muenchen.com/

2. Emmi's Kitchen: Quiet garden and fresh high-quality food

I must say that Emmi’s Kitchen is one of the quaintest vegan restaurants right in the heart of Munich.

Emmi’s offers lots of vegan choices, from burgers to healthy salads, bread with spreads, tofu scrambles, pancakes, cakes, smoothies, and much more.

And if you are crazy about desserts, you must try their pancakes and apple scramble.

If you’re not sure what to eat, just order Beyond Meat burger or Cinnamon rolls. You won’t be disappointed.

They also have a relaxing courtyard where you can escape the noise of the city and enjoy your food!

As one blogger said:

"I'd surely go back to Emmi’s just to try all the other dishes. It was delicious, and the pancakes were perfect. Our server was nice, and it was a cozy spot to have a long relaxing brunch."

Price Range: €2.50- €17.90

Pros: Outside dining, fair pricing & a great variety of options.

Check it out here: https://emmiskitchen.de/

3. Siggis Vegan and Fresh Food: Munich’s original vegan bar

Welcome to the house of incredible BeyondMeat Burgers complete with Siggis burger sauce, heavenly sandwiches (you can't skip the FRANZ), soups, and so much more.

If you visit Siggis and you don't try their Schnitzel and soups, you missed out on one of the most heavenly meals of your life. Take my word for it.

In the words of a vegetarian girl:

"Siggis is the best vegan restaurant ever! Amazing and original menu with delicious desserts. Super friendly staff."

Price range: €1- €21

Pros: intimate environment, friendly staff, and of course the exquisite Schnitzel.

Check Siggis out here:


4. The Gratitude: Celebrating 10 years in Munich

Their signature main dish Grilled Avocado, Beetroot Ravioli filled with vegan cheese and their Magnus cocktails are second to none.

One vegan- lover’s review:

"Most delicious vegan and raw vegan food in Munich! The raw beetroot ravioli is excellent, as is the pumpkin sushi – leave room for dessert because it's worth it."

Price range: €5-€17

Pros: beautiful presentation of the dishes, exquisite flavors, and the amazing staff who make customers feel welcome and well-cared for.

Check here for details: http://www.gratitude-restaurant.de/

5. Dr Drooly: Best vegan pizza in town

As they say "Fresh, Juicy, Slippy” and hot! It just doesn’t get better than this.

Dr Drooly serves up 100% Fresh Vegan Pizza.

The best thing about Dr Drooly is of course, their pizza! Which is made from their 54h fermented dough and all of the dough balls are formed by hand!

No surprise why Dr Drooly’s pizzas are so fresh!

You need to taste their juicy Avo pizza!

A reviewer words like:

"OMG! Such delicious vegan pizza. There is nothing better than getting a pizza from Dr Drooly and then armed with a Radler…you can have a pizza feast there."

Price range: €6.50- €13.50

Pros: Lots of options, tasty, fresh ingredients, great price for the quality

Check it out here: https://doctordrooly.de/

6. Cafe Katzentempel: House of cool cats

Munich’s Katzentempel Cafe is a comfy vegan restaurant with plenty of food, cake, and beverage options.

You should definitely try their peanut butter and chocolate mousse cakes. Meow-wow.

One Cat lover review:

"I love it here! The food is great, nice burgers, sandwiches, tarts, and so on, and the cats come and cuddle with you! It's a bit pricey, but portions are generous and so the place is totally worth it!"

Pros: cute cats, friendly staff & delish food.

Check it out here: https://katzentempel.de/standorte/muenchen/

7. Bodhi: House of variety

A sleek restaurant and bar with traditional regional dishes–but vegan.

Bodhi has one of the best Vegan Burgers and you can't miss their sweet potato fries.

A vegan Bavarian once said:

"Bodhi is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Every dish tasted better than anything I've ever known in veganized traditional cuisine."

Pros: Awesome taste, great variety of vegan dishes, and great atmosphere.

Get tempted here:


8. Secret Garden: Pure plant-based cuisine with mouth-watering sushi

They have some of the best sushi in Munich and if you order it with their beer. Ohh, man! You just tasted the greatness.

And yet, it would not be wrong to say that it feels like a traditional German brewery.

Love desserts? Then you must try their Strudel. You will not be disappointed.

As one Secret reviewer said:

"I loved my lunch menu (a recommendation from the sushi chef), which came with excellent summer rollss. Every roll was unique and full of wonderfully rich and complex flavors, yet still delicate."

Pros: Bavarian food, great beer, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Check out the Garden here: https://secretgarden-muenchen.com/

9. Erbil's: Döner's lovers’ heaven

You will absolutely fall in love with their savory Döner kebab soaked with flavorsome sauces.

Erbil’s food is so amazing that you will go back there again and again!

Its lahmacun and creamy moussaka are also delicious.

Price range: €1.50-€10.90

Pros: of course it has the best Döner, great value for money and a great selection of food.

Check it out here:


10. Chay Vegan: One of Munich’s beloved veggie restaurants

It offers a variety of real authentic Vietnamese food.

You won’t be able to get enough of their fresh spring rolls, mock duck, and sushi.

Pros: Great Vietnamese food and -friendly staff.

Click here for more inspiration: https://www.chay-veganhamburg.de/

Let us know in the comments if there should have been one that you really liked and we didn’t add.

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