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BEST Karaoke Bars in Munich for every Day of the Week (Updated for 2023 & Beyond)

We spent a week singing our hearts out at all the best Karaoke bars in Munich, here’s how it went.

Are you looking for a way to meet new people or just want to blow off some steam?

Karaoke is our top recommendation. And in Munich, it is one of the best ways to meet other English speakers, but karaoke bars are also the perfect place to take your friends and scream your heads off.

To help you decide where to go, we embarked on a mission this week, and tested out at least one Munich stage every night.

Now we’ll take you along… So, warm up your singing voice, and let’s dive in:

Nifty chart at the end with the full schedule of opening days and times.

Monday karaoke: Kennedy’s Irish Pub

We started off the week-long tour by getting inspired by some truly talented singers at Kennedy’s.

Right at Sendlinger Tor, the location is unbeatable, and with the friendly staff and friendly crowd, you are sure to feel welcome. Additionally, the charming interior and the classic pub food are a great plus.

Pro Tip: It is rumoured that the university choir comes here to unwind after rehearsals, so you are sure to spot some real talent at Kennedy’s.

Tuesday karaoke: Kilian’s Irish Pub

Offering live music five days a week, Kilian’s is probably the pub most devoted to the quality of the sound and the music.

On Tuesday, the atmosphere is lively and welcoming. You’re sure to fall in love with singing and making memories with friends and loved ones.

Pro tip: Be sure to give English Quiz Night a try at Kilian’s (on Mondays).

Wednesday karaoke: The Cave

Looking for the perfect mid-week break or don’t enjoy the more crowded pubs, then come to the Cave – it’s smaller and more intimate. They also offer more cozy corners, if you want to just chat in private with your company.

Pro Tip: Request your songs by texting them on WhatsApp (the number may vary and will appear on the screen). Here is their song list.

Thursday karaoke: Ned Kelly’s Bar

On Thursday, we did a double feature.

We started at Ned Kelly’s, which is not Irish, for a change, but Australian. In fact, it is the only Australian Bar in Munich.

Pro Tip: Ned Kelly is best for summer, when you can take advantage of the terrace to escape the singing for a bit.

This pub is an especially good choice if you are new to karaoke and unsure if you’ll enjoy it because there are plenty of corners to escape to if you just want to spend some quality time chatting with your friends.

Pro Tip: Ned Kelly’s also hosts great watch parties for various international sports (NFL, AFL, GAA and more!)

Thursday karaoke: The Keg

We then moved to Munich’s jack-of-all-trades bar that is the Keg. This American-style pub offers a wonderful ambiance, as well as great food and drink specials. With its well-stocked schedule, you can visit this pub almost every day and find something new to do.

Friday karaoke: Shamrock Irish Pub

On Friday, we wandered right across the street from the Keg to our personal favourite, the Shamrock.

Regarded as Munich’s friendliest and most renowned Irish pub, the Shamrock has the kindest and most welcoming staff. The Karaoke moderators are engaging and attentive, and they will quickly become your friends.

It is most beloved by students and artists alike and offers a €3 student beer special on Tuesdays. And if you are hungry, we recommend the nachos with extra jalapeños.

Their catalogue is online, and you can request to sing by texting them on WhatsApp.

Pro Tips: The Shamrock hosts open mic nights, writing events and book releases.

Saturday karaoke: Yokocho Karaoke Box & Bar

This was the perfect way to conclude our week. Yokocho, with its private rooms, offers a much more luxurious karaoke experience.

We highly recommend it for events and special occasions where you just want to share the space with your guests.

It also has a large selection, with more than 80,000 songs, and the staff is professional and attentive.

Pro Tip: Yokocho hosts a trivia night on Thursdays (2€ buy-in, which you will get back multiplied by each participant if you win, together with a 50€ voucher.)

The BEST Karaoke Bars in Munich? Here’s our pick

Every pub has its own charm and unique features, so we can highly recommend each one of them.

However, we absolutely loved Shamrock for its energetic staff and regulars.

Kennedy’s runs a close second due to its great location. It is comfortable and spacious, which is great for taking some listening breaks in-between great songs.

Our third place goes to Yokocho due to its authentic set-up and Japanese interior design. The theme and atmosphere are impeccable, and the chance to have a room with just your friends makes it a great choice for special occasions.

On Sunday, we let our hard-working vocal cords take a well-deserved rest. But believe it or not, there were still karaoke bars that were open in Munich that were willing to welcome us. What are your favourite Munich karaoke bars?

Here is the chart of our tour, should you wish to replicate our journey, or part of it:

Karaoke Bars in Munich – Chart

Chart with all locations and opening times.

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