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3 bits of news

Munich's Democratic response call

As we step into the new year, our city, along with the rest of Europe, faces a growing concern: the rise of right-wing extremist parties. From the Netherlands to Italy and even right here in Germany, this political shift has us all pondering a crucial question: 

How should democratic parties and individuals respond to protect our democratic values? 

Here in Munich, the stage is set for a pivotal conversation, and Youmocracy, a non-partisan platform, is leading the charge. They're not just having a dialogue behind closed doors; they're extending an open invitation to you – yes, you dear Munich Post reader. Get involved in their upcoming Fishbowl discussion this evening (7-10pm), where every voice counts, including yours. This is your chance to be part of shaping the future of our democracy. 

Shocking Revelations: Secret Plans Unveiled

In a revelation that's rattled the nation, a secret meeting held last November exposed some disturbing plans. Key figures from Germany's far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, alongside neo-Nazis, influential sympathizers and even two from Angela Merkel's CDU, gathered to strategize forced deportations of millions living and working in Germany. 

Their agenda? A chilling remigration scheme targeting asylum seekers, foreigners with residence rights, non-assimilated citizens and even German citizens with immigrant roots. The proposed measures are not only extreme but alarmingly inhumane and racist.

What's perhaps even more worrying is the AfD's growing popularity. They're now polling over 20%, and their classification as a right-wing extremist party by Germany's intelligence service doesn't seem to be slowing them down. They are not far away from governing us. 

Demonstration Together Against the Right

It is time to have those hard conversations, to stand up and say, “Not in our city, not in our country.” So, mark your calendars for this Sunday, January 21st folks, because that's when Munich takes a stand. Munich's Civil Society is calling for unity with the Together Against the Right demonstration. 

It's time to show that we're united for democracy and diversity, ready to stand tall against right-wing extremism and show our commitment to the values we cherish. 

Make the choice to be heard! 

And hey, while you're at it, maybe it's time to have that chat with your German friends, partner or family. Here at the Munich Post, we're pondering the ramifications of these political shifts – from potential relocation, to concerns about pensions, contributions, investments, and even our beloved cars. It's a valid concern – these policies, if implemented, could reshape the very foundation of our society.

For more details, read here (in English) or watch this quick summary.

Note: We try to focus on positive news but we thought this needed our support and attention. Please do share this news and talk to your friends & family about it.

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Choose 2024's Wiesn Poster


Photo by Joshua Humpfer on Unsplash

On a happier note: The 2024 Oktoberfest poster competition is heating up, and your vote could make all the difference. 

Until next Friday, January 26th, all Wiesn fans have a golden opportunity: namely casting your vote for the next Oktoberfest poster. Can't decide on just one? No problem. Feel free to vote for multiple favorites. 

Voting ends at midnight on January 26, the top 30 favorites will be selected. From these, a jury of experts will crown the winning design, set to be unveiled in early February.

And just for participating in the voting, you could be one of the lucky few to win an amazing prize. You and four friends could win tickets to the Schottenhamel tent, where come October, you’ll be clinking beer mugs and enjoying delicious chicken – all courtesy of muenchen.de and the Department of Labour and Economy. 

Find out more about the news here (in German).

Ski adventures near Munich 

Skier on a slope

Photo by Toby Christopher on Unsplash

We've scoped out the best ski resorts within a snowball's throw (okay, a 90-minute drive) from Munich.

Just an hour's drive from our beloved city, you'll find charming, smaller ski resorts like Kolbensattel and Laber, perfect for those après-ski vibes or deep snow adventures. And for families or those seeking a quick getaway, spots like Oberaudorf-Hocheck offer a mix of activities that go beyond skiing.

But wait, there's more! For those who crave bigger adventures, resorts like Alpsee-Grünten and the iconic Zugspitze might be calling your name. These bigger resorts pack a punch with high-altitude thrills and are perfect for those looking to level up their skiing game.

Dust off those skis, rally your friends or family, and make a beeline for these winter wonderlands.

Read in detail here (in English).

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2 upcoming events

Genesis returns to St. Mark's

The stunning Genesis II light show is back at St. Mark's Church and you're invited to a mesmerizing audiovisual journey that brings the creation story to life. Trust us, this is one spectacle you don't want to miss. 

The historic walls of St. Mark's Church will transform into a canvas of light and sound. From the creation of celestial bodies to the birth of flora and fauna, experience the Genesis story in a way that's bound to leave you spellbound.

Purchase your tickets here

General information 

📅  Friday, January 12 – Tuesday, March 12, 2024

⏰  Various time slots

📍  St. Mark's Church, Gabelsbergerstraße 6, München

💶  from €5.90 to €13.90

Cuban Beats at Deutsches Theater

The Deutsches Theater München, in collaboration with the fabulous Laura del Vecchio of Del Vecchio Dance, is bringing a slice of Cuba to our doorstep with the thrilling “Pasión de Baile – The Big Cuban Ball. It's the perfect opportunity to shake things up this winter. 

Kickstart the evening at 6pm with a basic salsa workshop by Laura del Vecchio and her dance team. As the night progresses, DJ Assane from France takes over to keep your feet moving till midnight.

And because dancing can work up an appetite, gastronomic partner Käfer and his team will ensure no one goes hungry.

Grab your tickets here.

Details here (in German).

📅  Sunday, January 21, 2024

⏰ 7pm (Admissions start 5:30pm) 

📍 Deutsches Theater, Schwanthalerstr. 13, 80336 München

💶  from €31.60


1 new restaurant/café to try

Restaurant Savanna Munich

Well, pack your taste buds because Restaurant Savanna is serving up a wild dining experience. 

Picture this: you're sitting in a quirky, savanna-inspired setting, about to dive into a platter that's a carnivore's dream. We're talking grilled zebra, crocodile filets and traditional South African stews that will transport you straight to the heart of Africa. And let's not forget the lava stone Grill, giving those exotic steaks the perfect char.

But it's not all about the meat. The sambusas and African falafels add that perfect spice kick to your meal. Yes, the prices might seem a bit steep, but hey, where else in Munich can you munch on a crocodile or zebra steak? 

Plus, that massive elephant head above the entrance is a conversation starter in itself. 

General information

📍  Maistraße 63, 80337 München

🥘  South African

  Wednesday - Sunday,  5pm - 11pm

      Closed Monday & Tuesday

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