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The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for expats living in Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.

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3 bits of news

Reusable dishes are going to be compulsory from 2023

Source: Recup.de

Yes, that’s right but only for the to-go business. Approximately 9,000 Munich pubs, cafés, and kiosk operators will have to adapt to this change.

There are already two Munich startups (Relevo, Recup & Rebowl) that offer reusable products:

Recup & Rebowl’s services and their products can be used 1,000 times before being recycled. It will work like a Pfand system: Buy a coffee to go in a Recup cup (1 euro deposit) or a salad in a Rebowl bowl (5 euro deposit) - and then wash the cup or bowl at home, bring it back with you next time or just hand it in at any Recup partner restaurant against the return deposit.

Relevo’s mugs and bowls are available in shatterproof glass or a plastic version (which can also be used about 1,000 times). Relevo works with a free app. A QR-code on the products can be scanned and returned to any Relevo partner.

My hot take: Damn, I wish I had this idea. If you are into startups, anything environmentally friendly will take off. And if you are building something like this, I’d be happy to write you an angel check :)

You can find the news here in German.

September 2022: 9 changes affecting expats in Germany

Source: Iamexpat.de

1. 300-euro energy relief payment - Claim it from your employer.

2. End of 9-euro ticket and fuel tax cut. Next steps are still being drafted.

3. Energy savings measures come into effect. State properties will conserve energy.

4. COVID Infection Protection Act expires – this means the government needs to share a new COVID plan.

5. Pharmacies will begin accepting e-prescriptions.

6. Care sector workers will receive a salary boost.

7. Schools are opening again (September 12th in Bavaria)

8. Oktoberfest is back (Prosst!) (September 17 - October 3).

9. Amazon prime will get more expensive from 69€ to 89€ for an annual subscription. (I just upgraded to save some money, so should you.)

You can find the news here.

Restricted zone: Theresienwiese is closed one week before Oktoberfest

Source: abendzeitung-muenchen.de © imago/Ulrich Wagner

This means all the roads around it are closed to cars, bicycles, and e-scooters. You won’t be able to park around it either.

I am going to avoid that route, what about you?

You’ll find the news here.

Bonus news (because we had to):

News # 4 - Minijobs and Midijobs - rules are changing

Due to inflation, from October onwards the minimum wage for minijob will increase to 520€ from 450€. And the midijob will increase from 1300€ to 1600€. More information here (in German).

News # 5 Rammstein’s concert is happening but not on New Years Eve or Theresienwiese. They will have two concerts at Olympiastadion next year (on September 7 and 8). You’ll be able to buy early bird tickets here (in German) starting this year on September 8.

2 upcoming events

Superbloom festival this Saturday and Sunday

Sorry for the late announcement but this is THE festival to check out art, lifestyle, and music at Olympiapark.

Tickets cost between 99€ and 289€ depending on the package.

Check out more details in German and English here.

The Isarinselfest - Easy going concerts all along the Isar

Organizers say:

We are offering an attractive music and cultural program with 100 concerts, events and activities for young and old on 4 stages, including a children's program and cabaret. The festival is intended to convey a carefree sense of community with good entertainment and hospitality. The festival will be opened on Friday at 5 p.m. by Mayor Dieter Reiter. Details on the program and the exact festival times can be found at www.isarinselfest.de.

And the best part: This event is FREE.

You can find more info here, or check out this PDF (in German)

One restaurant/café to try

Kabul Restaurant - A taste of Afghanistan

Kabul offers classical Afghani cuisine. If you’re looking to try delicious and appetizing Afghani food with many food options available then make Munich’s Kabul your first choice.

Kebabs, grilled lamb & Quabeli Palau are two must-try dishes. The review of an Afghani food fan: "The food was truly fantastic: Spicy, authentic, and delicious."

You can find more information here.

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