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  • 3-2-1 - It’s time to sing ‘Atemlos Durch die Nacht’ 🎤

3-2-1 - It’s time to sing ‘Atemlos Durch die Nacht’ 🎤


Welcome to the Munich Post! The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for expats living in Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.


3 bits of news

Isn’t Spezi the best of both worlds?

Did you know that Paulaner makes more money from Spezi than its Hacker-Pschorr Bräu beer? If not, then don’t worry, I didn’t either.

But maybe you’ve heard about the court case that started this week between Paulaner and the private brewery Riegele from Augsburg on the brand name Spezi? Spezi, which is the abbreviation for SPEZIALlmischung (SPECIAL blend) was a mixture of cola, juice and soda. It was invented and named by a master brewer from Riegele.

The clever Swabians (people from Baden-Württemberg) had the name Spezi protected and immediately founded a "Spezi-Markengetränkeverband Deutschland e.V.", which issued licenses for Spezi. And, Bavarians called it “Spezi”.

With its lawsuit, Paulaner now claims that it may continue to use the Spezi label for its mixed drink in the future. The people of Munich refer to an agreement reached with Riegele in 1974. In it, Paulaner is said to have been allowed to use the word Spezi for a non-alcoholic mixed drink.

From Riegele's point of view, however, today's Paulaner brewery group is not the legal successor of Paulaner-Salvator Thomasbräu, with whom the Spezi agreement was once made. As a result, the Swabians canceled the agreement (which is now almost 50 years old) in May last year and offered the Munich company to continue with a license agreement.

And if they win, then just for the brand name they’ll be earning €4.5-5 million a year for use of the name.

So, folks we don’t know what will happen but brace yourself with Spezi not being called Spezi in the near future.;)

You can find the news here (in German).

Side-note: Der Spezi is also a Bavarian slang word for friend, buddy, companion.

Bavaria plans to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students

Just as in the federal states of Saxony and Baden-Württemberg, a second draft of the law, including the plans for tuition fees, was put to the Bavarian state parliament last month. It is expected to be finalized by the start of the summer recess in August.

It’s ONLY for *non-EU* people who study part-time alongside their jobs in a so-called “Berufsbegleitendes Studium”. These students are expected to cough up €2,000 per semester.

The alliance against tuition fees (ABS) did the math and determined that: between 2016 and 2021, the number of foreign students in Baden-Württemberg dropped more than 36 percent. ABS speaks of a "downward spiral of internationalization". However, universities in other federal states were on a growth course for the same time period. In view of this balance, North Rhine-Westphalia - unlike Bavaria - has refrained from identical plans.

So who is really affected? MBA students attending Frankfurt Management School, Munich Business School and more.

There will be a push back against a two-class system in the lecture hall, so do protest if possible.

You can find the news here (German).

No more FFP2 masks in buses and trains

Good news! From today onwards, you do not need to wear FFP2 masks, just the surgical mask would be appropriate.

You can find the German news here.

2 upcoming events

Helene Fischer is back with a bang

Even though she just delivered a baby in December, she is back to entertain us.And even if you don’t know who she is, if you've been to Oktoberfest then you might remember this song.

Germans are crazy about her and her Schlager-style music and performances (I’m crazy about her too and I’m not German yet). She is 37 but damn her live shows are worth it. She can go on all day. Helene Fischerwill be performing in Munich on August 20th and the cheapest ticket costs about €100. I am in, are you?

You can purchase tickets here.

Munich Unplugged 2022 - the music festival you’ve been waiting for

From July 1-3, you’ll find this amazing music festival taking over the city center.

Over a total of three days, more than 60 different bands will play in 30 different locations in downtown Munich.

Watch this video for more information.

All the venues can be found here. Just grab a drink and get ready to be impressed by several artists.

1 Restaurant/Cafe to try

Shandiz - The Persian Jewel

So you like delicious food but don’t want it too spicy? Well, Shandiz is the answer. My Bayerische mother-in-law also really liked it. This means it must be good - you know, she has higher standards ;)

Also, I have been there many times, and I still want to go there again.

It’s a great date place. Early on in our relationship, Christina took me there, too ;)

Some reviews that are legit:

This is the place to eat Persian food! It is by far one of the greatest discoveries here in Munich! The service is awesome and the place is always full! Reservations recommended! Portions are generous!

Address: Dachauer Str. 50, 80335 München



Reservation recommended: +49 89 599 479 86

Hours: 11 a.m. — 11 p.m. daily

Don’t want to dine-in?, You can order online, too.

Meme of the week 😂

Every expat student can relate to this.

Have a great weekend,

Aazar (writer) and Christina (editor and scout)

Heidi Benson (editor)

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