3-2-1 - It’s time to open Advent Calendars

Munich is offering a virtual Advent calendar with gifts

Servus an Alle!

Welcome back to the Munich Post! The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for ex-pats living in and around Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.

Update: Anastasia, one of our readers, got a gift from us, she creatively promoted The Munich Post. She shared a picture with us.

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Most importantly — "Heavy snowfall" is expected this weekend, we should better be prepared.

3 bits of news

Munich is offering a virtual Advent calendar with gifts

It’s a raffle they want you to participate in. Here’s what you can win:

  • A unique visit to the New Town Hall tower featuring sparkling champagne for two

  • A current FC Bayern jersey

  • Exploring Munich's districts on our Viertelliebe tours

  • Experience a journey back in time with TimeRide

  • And so much more

You simply need to believe in luck and put your email in.

These are the partners: Olympiapark München, TimeRide, Munich Walk Tours, www.mein-adventskalender.de, Weis(s)er Stadtvogel, Stattreisen, FC Bayern, YourMunichTour, Rikschaguide.com München.

You can find the link here (in German).

49€ ticket might be delayed until May 2023

I’m sorry for the bad news, but I don’t have a choice. Why is it delayed? The authorities say, “administrative preparations were the cause for the delay - more specifically, approving tariffs and reorganizing the VDV tariff system.”

I just hope we get it at some point.

You can find the link here (in English).

Parliament is holding German passport debate

Basically, we’ll be getting German passports as expats in less than 3 years if we show enough “integration.” But some lawmakers are considering this to be a “sell-off,” German passports as a “junk commodity.”

We can also get dual citizenship, which wasn’t possible previously.

The CDU and CSU have traditionally been prominent opponents of allowing dual nationality, believing that having several citizenships would hinder people from properly integrating into German society.

You can find the news here (in English).

2 upcoming events

Freaky Christmas creatures on December 11

These creatures are called Krampus in German. Krampus is the frightening figure who stands alongside Santa Claus. While the latter wants to ignore misbehaving youngsters, Krampus prefers to rattle his chain in order to get the necessary respect.

During the Great Krampus Run on Sunday December 11, more than 20 Alpine groups with hundreds of constumed individuals will pass through the Kaufingerstrasse pedestrian zone from 3 to 5 p.m.

More information is available here (in German).

Midnight Bazar

If you have no plans, then check out the Midnight Bazar and Street Food Festivals in Munich this month.

The Midnight Bazar transforms the flea market into a spectacle. Aside from shopping, music, food, and drinks, you can unwind here with friends while also supporting the Earth-friendly idea of swapping and recycling - meet the spirit of the times and reject the throwaway society!

When and where?

Saturday December 3, 5 p.m. - 11 p.m., Backstage Arena

Saturday December 13, 5 p.m. - 11 p.m., Praterinsel

The tickets cost between 2 - 4 €, but worth it!

You can find more information here (in German).

1 new restaurant/café to try

Hungriges Herz

So this is a nice date place as they make heart-shaped pizzas.

But overall, it's a nice place to have a meal at any time of the day.

Source: instagram

Here’s some good advice and a review from someone who visited:

You can also order online, but I’d recommend going there in person.

Visit their website here.

Meme of the week 😂

Have a great weekend,

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