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Welcome back to the Munich Post! The purpose of this newsletter is to share: 3 bits of news, 2 upcoming events, and 1 amazing restaurant/café for expats living in and around Munich. This way, you have a pulse on what’s going on without scrolling through thousands of pages.


3 bits of news

Munich traffic situation this Sunday and upcoming week

Due to the Munich Marathon this Sunday many roads will be closed - especially in the districts of Altstadt-Lehel, Au-Haidhausen, Bogenhausen, Berg am Laim, Maxvorstadt and Schwabing.

Between 8 am and 4 pm, the following trams will run as follows:

Tram 12: Interruption in the sections Romanplatz - Leonrodplatz and Petuelring - Scheidplatz

Tram 16: Romanplatz - Sendlinger Tor

Tram 19: Interruption in the sections Pasing - Hauptbahnhof - Munich University of Applied Sciences and in the Maxmonument viscinity - Grillparzerstraße - Ostbahnhof - Max-Weber-Platz - Maxmonument

Tram 21: Interruption in the Westfriedhof - Karlsplatz (Stachus) sections and in the Maxmonument - Max-Weber-Platz - Ostbahnhof - Grillparzerstraße - Maxmonument sections

Tram 25: Wettersteinplatz - Ostfriedhof - St.-Martins-Platz

Tram 27: Petuelring - Kurfürstenplatz - Scheidplatz

Tram 28: not applicable

Tram 37: Max-Weber-Platz - Effnerplatz

The following bus lines are affected by major restrictions between 8 am and 4 pm:

53, 54, 55, 58/68, 59, 62, 100, 132, 144, 145, 153, 154, 155, 183, 184, 1851, 187, 188, 190

In other news, U3-U6 will have an interruption at Sendlinger Tor, and this will stay in effect until December 18.


On the weekends: Saturday from around 9 pm - Sunday all day

During the week: Monday to Thursday from around 10:30 am until close of business

The U3 and U6 will operate in this manner until December 18th due to construction at Sendlinger Tor.

As a result of the disruption, the subway will operate as follows:

A shuttle train will travel between Odeonsplatz, Marienplatz, Sendlinger Tor, and Goetheplatz every 15 minutes.

The U3 will not run between Münchner Freiheit and Goetheplatz,.

Between Moosach and Münchner Freiheit, the U3 will depart every 10 minutes, and between Goetheplatz and Fürstenried West, it will depart every 15 minutes. Some of the typical bus connections will be inaccessible.

The U6 will be rerouted between Odeonsplatz and Implerstraße. It will run every ten minutes between Implerstraße and Klinikum Großhadern, Garching Research Center, or Fröttmaning, and Odeonsplatz.

The U3 will operate in an unusual manner this weekend, on Saturday, October 8 as well as Sunday, October 9.

After reading these instructions 10 times, I still can’t remember. I wish U3-U6 passengers good luck!

You can find both news here and here (in German).

Laim S-Bahn station and tunnel is open again

In our 19th August news, I shared that Laim Bahnhof was closed and the tunnel too. Now it is open – drive through, my friends.

You can find the news here (in German).

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Munich plans to ban dirty diesel vehicles

Heavy traffic pushes its way over the Mittlerer Ring during the evening rush hour. (Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa) - Source

This is due to the fumes they emit which are harmful to the environment.

From February 1, 2023, vehicles with the Euro 4 emission class will no longer be allowed to enter the existing low-emission zone within the Mittlerer Ring. And if things don’t improve then the Euro 5 emission class will be included too.

You can learn more about Euro 1-5 emission class here (basically older cars won’t be allowed to drive through Munich’s Mittlerer Ring anymore).

You can find the news here (in German).

Some other interesting news related to Munich:

Oktoberfest stats

5.7 million guests (2019: 6.3 mn)

5.6 million Mass Bier (2019: 7.3 mn)

112,551 Bier glasses were taken home as souvenirs

You can find more stats here.

The world’s largest pumpkin festival is near Munich.

Learn more here how to join. The article really describes well why you should join.

2 Upcoming events

Midnightbazar at Backstage

Source: Midnight website

Starting Saturday, October 1, Backstage will be hosting night flea markets every week and it is really fun to go. We have previously reported this event, so don’t miss out.

Book your ticket (as exhibitor or visitor) here.

Shooting stars are raining down over Germany


Get ready to lift your eyes to the sky because the annual Draconids are expected to peak in just a few days, marking the first of two meteor showers for the month of October.

The Draconids are an annual phenomena that may be seen in Germany as well. On a clear night, many shooting stars may be observed.

The Draconids, which appear to radiate from the Draco the Dragon constellation, have the potential to spit forth tens of thousands of fiery stars across the night sky in a rare occurrence known as a meteor storm.

The Draconids are expected to produce approximately 10 to 20 meteors per hour at their peak, according to NASA. So everyone should have a chance to observe them firsthand.

Photo, GETTY

When: today, Friday October 7 through Sunday, October 9.

How can I best view the Draconids?

To observe the Draconids in the night sky, you don't need a telescope or any other special tools. Additionally, you do not have to be a student of astrophysics. As long as the sky is clear, everyone should be able to gaze up and marvel.

You can find the news here (in German).

But wait, there’s more

European Street Food Awards

The Munich Street Food Festival is gearing up to be the most exciting event on the calendar! This massive street food party will feature a celebrity judging panel and a big awards finale, plus guest DJs, and brilliant bars – Come join in for 3 days of fun, FANTASTIC food, and more! Click here for more info on how to get a bite of the action.

When: Friday, October 7 - Sunday, October 9

Where: Sugar Mountain // Helfenriederstr. 12

Cost: 4€ (Kids under the age of 14 are free!)


Three days and 200 different artists, we can’t imagine what could make ARTMUC any better…aside from the fact that not only is the entry free for children under 16, but on each day the first hour of opening is also free entry!

When: Friday, October 7 - Sunday, October 9

Where: MTC Locations // Ingolstädter Strasse 45-47

Cost: Each day the first opening hour is free, (6-7 pm on Friday and 11-12 noon on Saturday and Sunday) after which the tickets are 15€ (but free for children under 16!) More info here

1 restaurant and cafe to try

OANH65 - Vietnamese Cuisine

Source: Oanh' 65’s instagram

Oahn 65 is a down-to-earth, stylish eatery featuring Vietnamese food. It’s one of Munich’s fanciest restaurants.

These are the most relevant reviews for you. This was recommended by Christina.

Address: Lindwurmstraße 65, 80337 München

Hours: 11:30 - 3 pm and5:30 - 11 pm

Website: oanh65.de

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