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Lots of interesting news this week.


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3 bits of news

Germany's first robotic bar opens in Munich

Have you been to Sausalitos on Sonnestraße lately? Well, starting June 21 their bar tenders will be robots! I love their cocktails, so it will be fun to see who mixes a better drink ;-)

Guests select drinks of their choice, and a robotic arm then takes care of the rest —tarting with filling, mixing, and even serving the drink.

But who will be there to flirt and smile? If you know what I mean….

"A robotic bartender is not the only solution to the lack of staff that is burdening the industry," says Sausalito’s managing director Christoph Heidt about the new project.

"A lot happens in the background, in areas that guests don’t see —the robotic bar, on the other hand, gives a very visible view of where the journey is going."

According to Heidt, the aim of the robot bar is to show "what is already possible today.”

Look, we’re not here to judge the efficacy of this product. So, we highly suggest visiting Sausalitos and checking it out for yourself.

Now you can literally cherrypick without being judged

Wait, let me tell you what exactly I mean. It's strawberry season and there are many fields all around Munich where you can pick (and eat!) as many as you please with discounts on what you take home, too (Suppliers have different entry prices and costs per kg).

You can pick all different kinds of fruits, not just strawberries and there are berry cafés at many of the locations.

The AZ Munich has done a fantastic job: The locations of all places on a map, which you can find here.

So, here’s the secret that nobody tells you: It impresses women! What are you waiting for? Swipe right and head out to the strawberry patch.

And, yes it is equally romantic for existing couples, too (Christina, are you coming?)

Source is here.

Why talk trash when your trash can talk?

Taking inspiration from Hamburg’s award-winning Red Trash Cans project, the CSU party in Munich is planning to introduce talking trash cans. It is part of the city’s "incentive for more cleanliness.”

CSU city councilor Sebastian Schall is convinced of the concept. “Despite the many rubbish bins in Munich, rubbish is still not being disposed of properly and instead just ends up on the ground.” In order to create an incentive for more cleanliness in the city, Schall believes our waste bins should also have a “visually striking design.”

My take: Hey Councilor! How about we start with English Garden and the Isar? I see trash people trashing everywhere.

The original source is here.

Note: It’s not talking, the text on the trash is pretty funny basically.

2 upcoming events

Tollwood Summerfestival 2022

Yes, it’s that time of the year again and the Tollwood Sommerfestival will be happening every day from June 16 through July 17 (32 days of summer fun!).

It’s great on the weekends, you can shop, listen to live music, explore art, and much more. I asked a few people, what they’d recommend. Here are some:

The stand of some African import store. The Habanero sauce is the fucking bomb. The Sauce is called Black Mamba Habanero Chili Sauce and the store is Swazi Art.

Super organized delicious food, great drinks, and great music. Perhaps the food was a little overpriced, but everything is organic and freshly prepared and it should be more expensive for that.

You can find all events here.

Happy Birthday, Munich!

On June 19, the city of Munich will celebrate its 864th birthday and at the same time the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games with an event-mile in Munich's old town. If you are a history buff like me, check out the backstory here.

Basically, there will be a TON of events going on all around the city. So, next Sunday, get ready for a full-day party on Marienplatz.

So, what’s going on? Live music, several dance performances, dancing courses, food trucks, artisan shops, and events for kids and families too.

This is one event that you SHOULD NOT miss.

All of this is for free. Find more information here or flyer (German).

1 café to try

Are you a coffee lover? Try Beaver Coffee

Christina and I are coffee addicts. We are also very picky. Today, I highly recommend going and checking out Beaver Coffee, a tiny café near Schwanthalerhöhe.

They have one of the best coffees in Munich and you can buy their beans.

So, why Beaver Coffee? Well, it’s fair trade, the coffee is tasty, and the owner really cares about the coffee itself.

You can find all info here:

Address: Gollierstrasse 30, 80339 München.

Timing: 8:30 a.m.— 5 p.m. every day except Sunday.

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