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  • 3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to celebrate no price hike with Deutschland Ticket

3 - 2 - 1 - It's time to celebrate no price hike with Deutschland Ticket

The golden ticket to nationwide travel on local and regional public transport is staying put at 49 euros per month in 2024.

Servus an Alle!

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

3 bits of news

Dual citizenship gets the green light

Germany's parliament just took a major step forward in embracing diversity and inclusion. They've given the thumbs up to easing the dual citizenship law, making it a whole lot easier for folks from all corners of the globe to call Germany their home sweet home.

Instead of waiting eight long years, you can now apply for that coveted German passport after just five years. And for those who have mastered the art of blending in (we're talking “exceptionally well integrated”), you could be waving that German flag in as few as three years. 

This change isn't just about new passports and dual loyalties; it's a game changer for Germany's labor force too. The government is rolling out the red carpet for skilled workers around the world. 

The ruling coalition parties are all for it, but the conservative Christian Democrats and their buddies are putting up a bit of a fight. 

Here's where it gets interesting for our Turkish friends and neighbors: Tens of thousands of them, who've been in Germany since their families arrived as guest workers decades ago, are now in line to become full-fledged German citizens. And yes, that means they will get to vote too. 

While the government is opening its arms wide for some, they're also making sure that folks who can't support themselves or who aren't on board with Germany's democratic values might find the door a bit harder to open. 

The government's also cracking down on illegal immigration and failed asylum seekers with some new rules to make sure deportations don't hit a snag.

Read more here (in English).

No price hike for Deutschland Ticket

If you've been loving the convenience and affordability of the Deutschland ticket, we've got some fantastic news: The golden ticket to nationwide travel on local and regional public transport is staying put at 49 euros per month in 2024.

The Conference of Transport Ministers had a little chat and decided that, based on the numbers, there’s no need for a price bump this year. 

While we’re all celebrating the stable price, there's a bit of a buzz about finding a way to keep this going beyond just this year. The bigwigs, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, are on the case, looking for ways to ensure this isn’t just a one-year wonder. 

Find out more about the news here (in German).

Heads up, train schedule shifts 

If you're roaming the rails between Munich's main rail routes now through Thursday, March 14, certain stations are getting a bit of a makeover during the nights – and yes, that means some changes to the regular timetable. 

Due to construction work – because who doesn’t love a bit of an upgrade, right? – the weeknight schedules for travel between Ostbahnhof and Pasing will change between 9:30pm and 4:40am. 

Read the breakdown in detail here (in German).

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Hey folks!

Two weeks ago, I shared HomeMeal, saying that it is really authentic. So, I needed to try it too.

Well, it is indeed authentic. It doesn’t taste like Indian restaurants that cater to Germans.

And I can try their other meals, like Asian and Arabic, which are also delicious.

My use-cases:

  • I use it for lunch. I don’t need to think about cooking and cleaning

  • I get a variety of food that even I can’t cook

  • It has to be halal. I talked to the founder, and he said that they buy meat from Turkish shops

  • It’s my alternative to takeaways and, often, restaurant meals

  • I could try their different chefs with the same meal offering

  • I feel I’m back home with all those nice spices (nostalgic)

The only downside? I had to order 6 meals, which was good for me because I could try 6 different meals. I was also thankful that I had meals at home, so I didn’t have to stress about cooking for a few days. However, the HomeMeal team is working on reducing the selection to 3 meals soon. Until then, 6 meals are the minimum order.

You can learn about their variety, chefs, and food here.

Use code: TheMunichPost to get a 10€ discount (you can use this discount code as many times as you like, not just once).

2 upcoming events

Sunrise Symphony: Piano on Crane

You're invited to a sunrise concert that's literally a cut above the rest. This is a piano concert, but with a twist – the musician and piano are suspended mid-air by a crane! 

Yes, you read that right – a piano hanging from a crane, played by none other than the talented Alain Roche.

This musical spectacle, titled “When The Sun Stands Still,” takes place right behind the Ferris wheel in Munich’s Werksviertel. Every morning, Roche plays a unique composition, accompanied by natural sounds from across Bavaria. These sounds are streamed live – think microphones in trees, under water, and more. It's a blend of nature's awakening and Roche's piano mastery.

You get to enjoy this from the comfort of deck chairs on the ground, with headphones that bring together Roche's piano and the live natural sounds. 

And don't worry about the weather – the concert takes place come rain, shine, or chilly mornings (except in super windy stormy conditions). Cozy blankets and hot drinks are on hand to keep you snug.

Purchase your tickets here and start your day on a high note – literally! 

Learn more about the event here and here (in German).

General information 

📅  Now through Thursday, June 20, 2024 

⏰  6:51 – 7:36am

📍  Werksviertel, München

Theater Night: Pygmalion hits the stage

For theater buffs and literature lovers, guess what's coming to town that's bound to tickle your intellect and entertain you? "Pygmalion" - yes, George Bernard Shaw's crowning jewel - is about to grace our local stage. 

This isn't just any play; it's a rollercoaster ride through themes of class, identity, and the battle of the sexes, all wrapped up with Shaw's signature wit and a hefty dose of humor. 

And at a crisp 90 minutes, this play is the perfect cultural escape without eating up your entire day or night.

Grab your tickets here.

Details here (in English).

📅  Thursday & Friday, February 8 & 9, 2024

⏰ 11am to 12:30pm

7:30pm to 9pm

📍 Amerikahaus, Karolinenplatz 3, 80333 München

💶  from €30 (advance booking) 


1 new restaurant/café to try


Emmeramsmühle in Oberföhring is back and better than ever, with a fresh face and even fresher flavors. 

It’s a perfect place to dive into Bavarian traditions, many with a modern twist.

What's on the menu? Everyone’s local favorites, including oven-fresh Schweinebraten or veggie versions such as their crispy fried celery Schnitzel. Their dishes are as colorful as they are delicious.

And hey, let's not forget their Biergarten – it’s probably one of Munich's most picturesque spots to unwind. You can kick back under the shade of towering chestnut trees with a fresh beer and enjoy views of the surrounding meadows. 

General information

📍  St. Emmeram 41, 81925 München

🥘  Bavarian

  Monday - Sunday,  11am - 11pm

Meme of the week 😂

FYI, Mon Chéri (French ‘My Darling’) is a liqueur-filled praline that contains bittersweet chocolate, cherries, liqueur, and cacao butter.

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See ya next week!

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